So… as many (all) Zee-Captains, I’m terrorized by high terror. But really, I don’t know what I can expect from ‘it’. I climbed to the seventies in terror, but can’t say I experienced anything weird. I have to ask thus, what happens if I reach 100? What happens, a bit before that very special moment?

100 might mean that your crew mutinies. There are other random things that might happen - people go mad, start killing each other, jump overboard, you see things that aren’t there, and other events might happen as well.

Personally I just keep it under control. There are places that help, some need items, some are just restful to visit.

It’s all in the lap of the gods once your terror starts climbing over 50. Some expeditions get lucky, and crew morale stays high (they just look over each other’s shoulders a lot) until they either mutiny en masse or gain a newfound terror in the shape of an Officer who they could swear never boarded the ship. Other times they start abandoning ship piecemeal along the way - one dives overboard, then another. Or one goes berserk and attacks his crewmates. You just never know.

So thank the gods for a quiet voyage, and make sure they get some rest when you make port…

I see. This seems prudent indeed!

Get big guns and shoot things, every time you have a victory at Sea, the terror level drops, it’s the only way I’ve stayed (reasonably) sane this whole time…

Killing things can help but there are ports where you can get free terror reduction; others where if you have some item or other you get cheap terror reduction and others where the cost might outweigh the advantage. As you sail around and try the options you will find the best places.

Unless I do something really crazy - like trying to fight Mt Nomad with my lights off, too early on in the game I rarely return to London with my terror above 20.