Tentacles, Tentacles Everywhere!

I believe I may have found a bug, or really badly weighted event. While zailing down to Port Carnelian, I stopped at Grand Geode, as it was my first time visiting. I gained a lot of terror there and left with >80 terror. I then got a random event where a tentacle emerged from the water and one of my crew was pushed overboard. This wasn’t that bad as I had 7/7 crew (-3 from the clay men item), but I then got it again ~20 seconds later, then after 5 more seconds. By the time I got to Port Carnelian, I had 3 crew. I’m not sure if it was bad luck on my part, or there’s some issue with this event that is making it fire far too often. But I am now very worried about zailing with high terror if I can lose so many people so quickly.

Stop pushing your crew overboard, good sir!

The mechanic would seem to be functioning as intended, then!

(I mean, that definitely seem to be more frequent than I experienced it! But teetering on the brink of insanity while in the middle of the vast dark zee is not a comfortable place to be. >.>)

It tends to happen with increasing frequency the closer you are to 100 Terror. I’ve rarely had it happen below 90.

For some reason turning the lights off also, anecdotally, seems to help… but… uhmmmm…