Tell me a little about the masters

I’ve never seen a complete listing of the masters of the bazaar, i don’t even know how many there are
And i’d like to know a little about each one individually. Maybe no earth shattering revelations, but perhaps a brief overview of their field of interest, any abilities they’ve exhibited, their typical activities, etc

Lots of info (and some mild spoilers) at:

They and their agents have a listing on the TVTropes Characters page, too.

thank you ganjalf, that was very helpful. Perhaps too helpful, i wish i hadn’t read Mr Veils section now.
No matter, the ambition is almost at a close

a different question now. How do the masters get along with each other? I don’t think i’ve ever seen two of them in one place. what are their interactions like?

Do they ever sit around a great table in the heart of the bazaar somewhere and plot things as a council?

I don’t know the details, but I know that their politics are complicated, with allies and enemies. Some want to keep London as long as possible, some are trying to move on. And their was a conflict about who gets the dirigibles. Mr Fire got them, but apparently Mr Cups and Mr Veils were strong contenders as well.
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mr veils despises other masters, mr fire wants to keep london but stones want to get the sixth city, iron doesn’t trust the bazaar


After the Affair of the Box and the current version of Sackmas, I got the impressions that Masters’ schemes are a reflection of internal FBG politics. Some people want to continue working on FL, some want to move forward to other projects, and some, like Mr. Iron, just want us to “MAKE OUR OWN STORIES (AND PUBLISH THEM ON STORYNEXUS)”.

i understand london has beenm fallen for 30 years, isn’t that much less time than the other cities? why are some of them keen to move on so soon?

I think that is a case of the amount of time altogether they have been in the Neath (rather than a particular dislike for London)

Some are quite happy to linger here, (especially when their particular interests are being met, hence why Mr Fires likes London and the Age of Steam so much) others would like to get on with the job at hand and are impatient to get back on up to the High Wilderness (which means bringing down the next city quickly as possible.)

i understand london has beenm fallen for 30 years, isn’t that much less time than the other cities? why are some of them keen to move on so soon?[/quote]

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London is considered less stable than previous cities. Revolutionaries, striking laborers, Parabola’s servants, the New Sequence, Seekers… the Masters’ control is slipping more rapidly than it has in the past. Another Fall would weaken these threats, at least.

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