Technical point re. system requirements

Hullo, delicious friends!

I know the game is in a very early stage right now, but I thought I’ll draw attention to a small issue which might matter to a few potential players.
This page states that the oldest OS the game will run on is Windows XP SP2+.
This page, however, states that players who get a black screen when trying to launch the game should download the Windows Media Feature Pack from the provided link.

However, as far as I can tell, there’s no such things as a Media Feature Pack for WinXP. So, even though the game might ostensibly run on XP, it looks like it might require a Microsoft product which does not exist for that system, so effectively it doesn’t / might not run on WinXP. I thought this seeming contradiction might be worth looking into.

For the record, I have XP, and get a black screen (plus movable mouse cursor) when trying to run Sunless Skies. Sunless Seas, however, runs just fine on the same machine.

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[color=#6666ff]It’s possible it’s a different issue that looks the same. Please could you email us at with your tech specs and output log. Details of where to find this are on our Bug Reporting page. [/color]