Teaching at the University

I did the entire University story line and eventually got kicked out. Later I bought my way back in via the Theosophistical Notes thing. But I am not seeing any of the Term Passing storylets. Is there a way to restart those?

I ask because I’d like to grind my SotC rating up to 10. The only other option open to me is the Symphonies route in the Shuttered Palace.

Unfortunately there is no way to restart the Term Passing storylets.

Other than the Palace and the University, you could also look into Fate options at the Labyrinth of Tigers, if you’re willing to spend RL cash. One of the beasts gives SotC up to 10 on an option. Another has a chance to up SotC up to 10 as well.

The Solitary Glim Sculptor’s gift, after you’re done with his Case, will also provide SotC up to 7 (at the cost of some nightmares and wounds, but this is well worth it, I think).

This link might be helpful for you. http://community.failbettergames.com/topic21014-christmas-in-the-neath-a-guide.aspx#post116382 It’s up to date as of time of posting.
edited by Sestina Valdis on 12/21/2015