Tapestry of the Elder Continent Question


I am currently doing the Mysteries of the Foreign Office story, and I am at a crossroads. I seek the Tapestry of the Elder Continent, and I am afraid that if I proceed carelessly I will lose my chance at acquiring it. I currently have two storylets available to me, that will advance the story.

1 - &quotRomance Flourishes in the Foreign Office?&quot - This one will allow me to either take one a Spouse, or accept a gift instead. However, the storylet is only unlocked because I don’t have any of a series of items (Photographs, and three different &quotIntriguers&quot), so I suspect the Gift might be one of those, and not the Tapestry. As I am already promised to someone, the other option here is locked for me.

2 - &quotAssisting the Teeth.&quot - This one asks me to spy on Feducchi, and little more.

Can anyone tell me in which direction I ought to go, in order to acquire the tapestry I so desire?
edited by Kapuchu on 3/28/2018
edited by Kapuchu on 3/28/2018

Hi Kapuchu - instead of romance with one of the foreign officers, the gift is either the Tapestry or a Series of Discomfiting Photos. So if you’re seeing that option, you’re nearly there.


Thank you for the reply. Looking back in time at other peoples’ accomplishments, I discovered that I had allied with the wrong people. A short betrayal later, a destruction of some photographs, and I have my dearest Tapestry.

Again, thank you for your help.

You’re very welcome! And good news for you.

I followed the same route. Sided with one and switched. I know they are cannibals, but snuffers just creep me out. Besides, the tapestry is just so cool.