Tabletop RPG set in Fallen London

Greetings, delicious friends! I’ve been casually playing Fallen London for many years, but never got into the forums or deep-dived the lore. I’m starting up a tabletop game set in Fallen London with some friends of mine (most of whom are unfamiliar with the setting), and I thought that some of you fine folks on the forum might be able to help me plan out the game.
Firstly, is there a lore wiki for Fallen London anywhere? The wikis I’m aware of focus on the game mechanics and aren’t particularly useful for looking up esoteric lore.
Secondly, general advice and suggestions are appreciated, particularly regarding the initial reveals and how to handle them. I’m planning on starting with all my players journeying below for the first time, the party simply being the travellers who happen to share the boat down, each travelling for their own reasons. As such, I need a good set of rumours (not necessarily true) that could motivate someone to leave the surface behind, and I need to develop a good spiel for their first introduction to Fallen London when they pull up at the docks. I have a couple of ideas of my own, of course, but it’s been a long time since I played any of the starting content, and I’d appreciate hearing from people for whom those initial reveals are fresher in the memory, or from people so deep in the lore that they know the cannon answer for what eg. a Parisian knows about Fallen London.

The Fifth City wiki is the lore wiki. It’s not fully comprehensive but it’s a good place to start.

Also, you should read the I am a Candle tumblr blog. It is the only place where I found the lore explained.

Good set of rumors? Look no further than the ambitions! Light Fingers? The rumor would be that in the Neath, there is a diamond the size of a cow.(Add profanity as appropriate.)(Also, this one is true.) Create other rumors as necessary.

Try the box on the right hand on the screen, where you can rotate text with snippets from FL lore! This is what I did in my RPG and it worked.

Sorry to revive this thread, but I am interested in your results.

I just started running a TTRPG myself, starting during the fall and would love to hear how your game went.

What game system did you use?