Table Eight At An 1894 Hallowmas Dinner Party

A gentleman wearing tomb-colonist bandages and with a raven perched on his shoulder takes a seat at the table. The bandages he was wearing were fairly loose as they left some flesh and hair exposed, making it clearly evident that this was for the occasion and not regularly donned by the gentleman. The same could not be said for the gentleman’s feathered companion. The rest of his clothing was rather mundane except for the devilish style hat he was wearing. Having poured drink for himself the gentleman began looking around at the tables and the other guests, as he waited for the other members of his table to arrive.

A woman in an oriental-style robe walks by, head craning this way and that. She frowns.

&quotExcuse me, would you happen to know where Table Four is?&quot

[quote=Evangeline Ingram]A woman in an oriental-style robe walks by, head craning this way and that. She frowns.

&quotExcuse me, would you happen to know where Table Four is?&quot[/quote]
From across the room, a real Tomb-Colonist waves, a goblet in his hand spilling vile fluid in the process.
&quotRight here, dear! Table four, at your service!&quot

&quotLord Gazter, I presume.&quot A friendly hand extends itself. His arm disappears into an amethystine robe, sporting a viridescent stripe up his chest. His mask: folds of green leaves, carmine silk petals, and ridiculously - at the center - a bearded mug, unadorned save a pair of golden fangs. As Exceptional Rose costumes go, you’ve seen worse.

&quotWho’s a pretty girl?&quot He extends a biscuit to the tomb-raven. &quotProfessor Ginneon Thursday - at both your service.&quot

A ferret runs under the table. In its panic, it has quite forgotten it’s manners and is biting any limb that gets near it.
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Lord Gazter gets up and offers his own gloved hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you.” The bandage raven silently looks at the gentleman in front of her, but does not move from her perch on Lord Gazter’s shoulder.

“Aha!” The Professor laughs uncomfortably as his robes begin to undulate. He thrusts his hand deep into the folds of fabric, then triumphantly produces a ferret with the ferrety look of just having had the time of his ferrety little life. “Got you!” The ferret looks around the table and in his own furry way appears quite pleased with himself. “Didn’t even buy me dinner first. The knave.”

The Harried Maître D’ glides by and collects the ferret from the Professor’s hand, then deftly stows him into a cage filled with his fellows, who titter and chirp as though this were exactly where they planned to be. Typical.

“So, my Lord Gazter, when would you say the last time was you had a good ferreting?”

Mr. Hamilton walks in with a Rattus Faber mask, a real grumpy-looking Rattus Faber, as well as a salt weasel who also has a Rattus Faber mask on. “Greetings Lord Gazter!” says Mr. Hamilton. Then turning to the other gentleman and extending his hand in greeting he says “And you are?”

A woman in a black balaclava, skirt, leather jacket and a white turtleneck, who seemed to not have cared about her costume or wanted to be dressed as a bank robber, arrived. She speaks with a heavy eastern european accent&quotSorry, but is this a party? And is this table eight? I am asking if this is a party because it misses essential things. Like Vodka. Or music. Or a nice fight… or naked women… and why is everyone dressed weirdly? Should I have taken that weird mask with lenses and a filter I stole recently instead?&quot[li]

“Yes this is table eight.” Lord Gazter says to the newest arrival.

He turns to Mr. Hamilton. “Ah, Hamilton. How have you been, dear friend?”

A teary eyed woman comes to your table and whispers to you.

“I’m not one to gossip, but circumstances urge me to warn you - do you see that miserable rogue at table four? -”

She tells you such terrible things about the man - his acts in the Shuttered palace, his notoriety in the tomb colonies, how he stole her and her guests’ wine. Such terrible things

The words have barely left Rysiak’s lips when a mushroom sails by his head from the direction of Table 4, and a… rose petal? from that of Table 2.

– Mal

[quote=malthaussen]The words have barely left Rysiak’s lips when a mushroom sails by his head from the direction of Table 4, and a… rose petal? from that of Table 2.

– Mal[/quote]
A stern hand grabs the oorang-ootang by the shoulder, and drags it to the bar. The Mirthless Colonist, in his wooden ringed mask, sits malthaussen down and serves him a large goblet of absinthe, the strong kind.

&quotWe’ll have none of that, Ms. Pillbox. Our maître d’ has informed me you broke the lock on your ferrets’ cage once he had already gathered them up. You’ve played the instigator - no matter how mirthless your rival at Table Four may be.&quot

He turns to the newcomer. &quotMs. Rysiek, I presume? I believe I’ve found your fight. Note the dead ferrets. As for the vodka and music - both can be easily obtained.&quot He procures a tall, clear bottle from the Harried Maître D’, and sends over a sack of echoes to coax the musicians back from their break. &quotAs for your women…well, the night is young.&quot

As he finishes his words he catches a sausage-stuffed mushroom and an improbably aerodynamic mutersalted rose petal mid-air, then pops both in his mouth. &quotThis food’s far too good to be thrown,&quot he says as he munches happily.

“And you must be Mr. Hamilton.” He accepts the gentleman’s firm handshake. I’m Professor Ginneon Thursday. But I answer to Thursday, Ginneon, GT, or just Prof - whatever suits you. You and Lord Gazter seem to know one another - what have you two been about?"

A gentleperson wearing a white suit and a white Harlequin’s mask with a long nose and chequered cheeks walks over from the otherwise empty table three. &quotI thank you so much for your invitation to join, I wonder what is keeping the other guests assigned to my table. I am Krawald and my young friend here is Loon.&quot At that, they lightly touch the kitten head peering out of their pocket.

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Lord Gazter’s whispers something to his bandaged companion. The bird is still for a while quite a while in fact, but after a while it get flaps its wings and hops off Lord Gazter’s shoulder. The bandaged bird spreads and wings and flies off to another part of the room.

Lord Gazter leans forward. &quotAh yes, Hamilton and I do know each other. Though the way in which he follows me leads me to believe that he wants something from me.&quot Lord Gazter laughs heartily. Parts of an amused smile can be seen underneath the bandages on his face. &quotBut I only jest. He is quite the loyal friend and genial gentleman.&quot

&quotIt is a pleasure to meet you Krawald. Would you care for a drink?&quot
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Krawald accepts the drink and observes the general going on. After a while, they notice that someone is sitting at table three. “Ah, I see that one of my companions has arrived, let me go introduce myself. I thank you again for your company, you are welcome to visit my table anytime. After all, there are still quite a few seats left.”

Maria looks at the rose weirdly &quotI wonder whether I should tell him that I am no zooophile… and I am into women? Ah yes… I didn’t introduce myself. Konstantynopolska, Maria. I will be a doctor in four years.&quot[li]

They show up only very slightly late, dragging a fashionable silk sack. When they sit down, it becomes apparent that the sack is filled with rats. (Fancy rats, at that.)

“Greetings! Could I maybe interest anyone in some rats? I heard that there weren’t any being served, so I brought my own.”

They immediately begin swallowing down the rats, barely stopping to chew. Their mask is picking up some rather worrying stains.