Syntax highlight for Kate

I want a simple way to write Storynexus storylets off line, and all word processors are just to cumbersome with the hierarchy levels I need, so I wrote this little syntax highlight file for Kate (Text editor bundled in KDE).

To install you save the file in the &quot.kde4/share/apps/katepart/syntax/&quot folder and to use you save your file with the & extension or choose manually from the Settings menu.
Maybe the main reason have done this is not the convenience to draft stories, but the ability to fold sections, as you can see below. This fold ability is completely arbitrary. You put a &quot:&quot and group lots of cards. This is something is working to me.
There are ways to install Kate and other KDE software in Windows, but I think will be more easy to make a similar file for Notepad++.

I just realized this was posted in the wrong section. Should be in &quotStoryNexus: Advice And Discussion&quot. Can some moderator move the topic?
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(Interesting post - probably useful to more techie people than me: I looked, blinked and cowered. I have not yet found an offline mode that works for me. I tend to use enforced offline time as brainstorming time… on gasp paper. :-) )

As a hobbyist programmer I’m quite used to scroll for long text files (say… 600 to 1500 lines), so putting all storylets of a storyline in a text file helps me to work on the actual text and see the stolryline structure at the same time, what I can’t in the online interface. But we all have different workflows someone will break in the next update.

I’ve gone deep down the rabbit hole of Google Docs spreadsheets and flowcharts myself… which has it’s own special problems.

I just made a template to copy and paste in Scrivener (image) – but if there’s a polar opposite of a programmer, I’m it.