Sympathy for Rats

My Sympathetic about Ratly Concerns just cracked 14. Does this stat lead anywhere (I’ve already dealt with the Face), or is it just a nice number?[li]

For that matter, how do you get this quality?

Mine’s over 50 now, and nothing has yet happened :-).

Maybe if you raise it to 7777 you’ll turn into a rat! Or at least an honorary rat.

I got mine after playing through the Meaning of the Plaster Face storyline. There might be some other ways, but I think they are pretty rare.

If you purchase all the Bazaar rats you get access to a storyline meant to lead up to the Meaning of the Plaster Face, though I think it caps at 4. You’ll then want to buy a Ratskin Suit and draw cards in Watchmaker’s Hill to get the final points so you can begin the Plaster Face storyline using the Sympathy For Rats way.

That’s a lot of work, though. I just braved the luck challenge.

I remember seeing on the wiki that one of the Iron Republic Branches uses Sympathetic About Ratly concerns.