Swift zailing

With the last update it was announced that “a new opportunity allows experienced captains to make faster progress at Zee.” Has anyone encountered this opportunity yet?

I have. It’s a touch uncommon, but it does indeed appear. There’s three options on it, two of which unlock at higher levels of An Experienced Zailor, and they do give sizable chunks of progress. I didn’t track exactly how much, though.

Do you have to be at sea or at Wolfstack Docks for the card to come up?

At zee - it’s an opportunity that comes up while zailing.

I don’t know if it comes up in the Sea of Voices, but I doubt it.

Thanks, Lyssie! Two more questions: my Experienced Zailor quality is 8 – is that high enough for the card to show up? And do you remember the name of the card?
edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 3/24/2015

That is certainly high enough - mine is lower than that and the card showed for me. :) It’s called “A Wily Zailor”, and you’ll probably have no trouble identifying it when it pops up, as I believe it has its own art.

The card shows for everyone with the ‘an experienced zailor’ quality, so if you’re at zee it will show up. The card has three options which unlock at 1, 5, and 10 respectively. I can’t say that it /doesn’t/ show up in the see of voices yet, but I was there today and did not get the card despite several flips. That’s all I know.

Thanks for all the comments. Next time I go zailing I shall be on the lookout for the card.