[Survey] Your favourite Fate-locked stories (January 2024 edition)

One of the customs of the Fallen London community is to hold a yearly survey to gauge everyone’s opinions on the Fate-locked stories they’ve played. Another 13 stories have been released since the last one, and the currently-unavailable rahv7 has entrusted me to run it this year.

You can find the survey here

Some notes:

  • Don’t feel discouraged if you have only played one or two stories. All responses are appreciated.
  • Even if you have played the entire catalogue, this survey could take only 10 to 15 minutes of your time.
  • Please only rate the stories that you have actually played. All questions are optional, but in case of misclicks, just click your choice again for it to be removed.
  • Feel free to skip any stories you don’t really remember and anything else you would prefer not to answer.
  • You’re required to have a Google account to do this to ensure that everyone only votes once. My apologies if that’s an issue.
  • Voting is completely anonymous. I will only get your answers to the questions, nothing else.
  • Some changes have been made in the rewards section in response to the changes in the game in 2023. The most notable addition is a section dealing with all the Fate-locked spouses in the game.

The survey will be open until the 5th of February, noon GMT. You will be able to see the overall results once you have voted. I will also post an analysis of all the results here on reddit once the survey is closed.

If you have any ideas what to do better next time, please let me know.

If you want to take a look at the results, just click here.

Many thanks to rahv7, silurica, skulltaffy, waltzingOphidian and Ellixer for their contributions to this survey.


I am sure some people missed it so let’s bring it back up!

“The Bloody Wallpaper” got the credit it deserved but “The Path of Blood and Smoke” deserves better (this is entirely an opinion of course but I cannot get past that story, it haunts me constantly and is some of my favorite writing in any media ever)

I’m glad you liked it! A lot of the negative backlash was definitely from mechanics I think; after Bloody Wallpaper the lack of ingenuity and gasification was noticeable.

But I also think the story just wasn’t appealing to a lot of people. It definitely was on a railroad track to a place you knew going in you didn’t want to go, and (from what I’ve read other people say as well as my own experience) that wasn’t offset enough by what things happen on the journey.

Personally it’s my least favorite ES I’ve played, which makes me especially happy to see someone specifically going to bat for it!!

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“The Path of Blood and Smoke” was definitely awesome! I didn’t care about the lack of game mechanics in this one at all. Of course, it was a supreme fit for the character I’ve played it on (someone who’d eaten the Vake’s remnants).


The survey has closed and I’ve put together the results.

Alternatively, you can peruse the spreadsheet directly.

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