[Survey] Favourite fate-locked stories (2022)

Once a year we ask players which fate-locked stories they liked and which they didn’t like. We did the last survey one year ago and since then 13 new stories have been published. Hopefully, a lot of you will participate so the results of this survey will once more provide a good guide which stories are worth recommending and which stories you might want to avoid.

Here is the survey (closed now!)

As always, a few things:

[ul][li]The survey has gotten pretty big over the past years, so at first glance this might look overwhelming. But answering all questions should not take all that long. You should be able to finish this in 10 to 15 minutes at most.[/li][li]Please only rate stories that you have actually played. I’ve added an &quotDidn’t play/Don’t remember&quot-option in case you misclicked and accidentally voted on a story you didn’t play. Choosing that has the same effect as not voting at all.[/li][li]Don’t feel discouraged if you have only played one or two stories. I’m still happy if you participate, voting for only these one or two stories and leave everything else blank.[/li][li]Feel free to skip any stories you don’t really remember and anything else you would prefer not to answer.[/li][li]You’re required to have a Google account to do this to ensure that everyone only votes once. Sorry about that, I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a problem.[/li][li]Voting is completely anonymous. I will only get your answers to the questions, nothing else.

The survey will be open until 3rd February, noon GMT. You will be able to see the overall results once you have voted. We will also post an analysis of all the results here on reddit once the survey is closed.

As always, if you have any ideas what to do better next time, please let me know.

[If you want to take a look at the* results, just click here.]

Many thanks also to Asartea, idyl, PSGarak, TFF, and Tovius01 for beta-testing as well as everyone else who offered suggestions or information for this survey.
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It’s funny how much I remember of the early Exceptional Stories, while having a hard time remembering anything about the more recent ones I’ve played (which aren’t that many, I still have some catching up to do). I guess that, having played Fallen London for so long now, Exceptional Stories have a much harder time to leave a distinct impression.

Sorry. Like last year, won’t be setting up a Google account to do this.

Results are out now!

@phryne: Same here! There are a few exceptions, but a lot have been not all that memorable.

@Meradine: Sorry about this - again. I still haven’t found a good alternative to Google Forms. As always, if anyone has a suggestion, please let me know.
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I am sad that “The Devil, The Heart and The Zee” climbed down in rank. It’s my favourite ES, a story I find very poignant. I hope it will one day get the recognition it deserve.

Results of the survey: Results of our fate-locked stories survey (January 2022 edition) : fallenlondon