Surfacer History

I don’t know why this is such a big thing in my mind, but I would really like to be able to choose a past of being a person from the surface who chose to move down under.

That’s actually the story behind everyone (unless they choose to block it out and pretend like they were born in the Neath for RP purposes). Choosing an ambition in the beginning answers the question, why did you descend to the Neath? And when you’re in jail at the beginning it is implied that you descended from the surface.

i think that he’s referring to sunless sea psyche but the concept is the same

Is it really? I don’t remember anything in the character creation in Sunless Sea referencing the surface. Some of the backgrounds, such as the urchin, make me think that the character grew up in the Neath.

well in my opinion the poet can be connected to the surface, you failed as a poet in the surface and you came to the neath to seek inspiration, you have to make your own background

I guess it’s deliberately vague so you can roleplay your character either way.

Oh, were we really born on the surface? I thought since the player doesn’t have ‘surface resistance’, it meant that we were born in the Neath.

I think you can lose surface resistance even if you were born there.