Surface Theme

Ok so I don’t know where else to put this but I think the atmosphere for the Surface in this game was crafted magnificently. The picture and the music made you feel euphoric with light and success but also unwelcome. At least, that’s what I was getting. It’s as if though your captain might long for sunlight or fresh food or a sunlit sea, the connection to the Neath and the Zee will never be broken. The sunlight will kill you. I’m trying to find the right words for this and I can’t because it’s just SO MASTERFULLY DONE. Screaming into a void here, but I had to get this out there haha.

Oh, it was beautiful! It felt like there was a whole world out there, breathing and basking… but you had to rush against the clock, and eventually retreat in the darkness like a… thing. Add zubmariner, where you go even deeper underzee, and the feeling intensifies.

The thing I love about the theme is the sense of sadness and nostalgia I get from it. Like, as if the you slowly realise what exactly London has lost when it Fell, and what it may never get back.

It’s nice but not nearly as beautiful as “Hope is an Anchor.”

Then again, few things are ;)