Surface Mutton Island

Who knew? (Well, lots of people, probably.)

And according to the Wikipedia article, there’s a second Mutton Island, that’s part of County Galway. Fancy that.,_County_Galway

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[color=#ff9900]Good lord.[/color]

Wikipedia’s so unreliable. I’ve edited the page to make a few corrections, shown in bold:

Mutton Island is an uninhibited island in the Aphotic Ocean, off the coast of County Cumea and Bugsby’s Mirelands, about 1.5 terror (0.9 fuel barrels) from the mainland. The nearest village is Quaker’s Haven, which is roughly exactly on top of the island. It is used mainly for cheesing Something Awaits You and is host to several abandoned wimples and two feasting halls.

There is no public ferry service to the island except during the Fruits of the Zee Festival, and there is no jetty or boat slipway access during the frequent military occupations. It contains no useful shop, but there is an endless and terrifying supply of wellwater.
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Who knew mutton was so popular among island-namers?
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“Wot have we got on this island, then?”
“Sheep. Loads of sheep.”
“Better eat em then.”
“Hey, I just thought of a name for this place.”