Surely This Qualifies For An Invite To Palmerston?

I basically know half of them by name at this point! The full Diablo Heptalogy, Lesser Evils and Prime Evils bound up in a pleasingly Neathy number.

Failbetter, please, there has to be a way for me to leverage this into Brimstone Convention membership somehow

I mean… they did something similar with Ambition: Bag A Legend. There are multiple chances to spend/use horrifically-difficult or otherwise insanely expensive items while simultaneously giving easier options.

You can spend a Veils-Velvet Scrap (1560p item) for a cosmetic quality.

You can spend What Might Be A Thunderbolt (Urchin 40 Renown item), an item that- due to its acquirement location- can take half a year to grind to reach. The game even tells you not to choose this option.

You can USE THE SEVEN-FOLD KNOCK in the ambition! It won’t be spent but I was ecstatic that Failbetter gave me the option (since I had coincidentally acquired it while pursuing Bag A Legend).

So yea. I agree with this. Give the man the option to spend 7 Reported Locations of a One-Time Prince of Hell just for the meme.

Wish I had double-checked this…optionality on my alt before saying bye bye to the Thunderbolt…