Supremacy: Anarchists Problem? [SPOILERS]

After delivering the seventh load of Supplies for the Work, the Voracious Diplomat disappeared (the Admiral had previously disappeared due to completing another Supremacy), but I did not get any message or event informing me that I had achieved the goal, and I did not get the Boke of Sharpes (spelling?). Went back to Vienna and confirmed that the Agitator is no longer there, came back to London and still nothing to indicate that I completed the storyline except the Diplomat is gone. Did I miss something, or is this a bug? Anyone else having this problem?

I ran through this for a video I made the other day and it worked pretty flawlessly. Did you get a special event ezplaining the anarchist rise to supremacy? Also. Maybe because you’d already done another supremacy, it didn’t fire?

Check the wiki (I’m out and about right now, actually sitting near liam neeson, weirdly), but I think you can only get it if you haven’t raised the dawn machine.

Because you completed another supremacy first. You only get anarchist supremacy if they’re the one you complete first.
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Darn. Okay, thanks for the replies. I was hoping to get more legacy items.

Weird behaviour.
When I got dawn machine to 10 I had two events one straight after another.

First it was London in glory, and then it was the dawn machine which handed over the waddayanameit-thing and closed-off the admiral’s office as it should have. (sigh and I was actually planning to end that run by going north, or well, I said farewell to north and went east, actually got 4 out of 5 legacy bonuses on that one captain)

I wonder, is doing the monkey emperor’s last errand supposed to count as raising anarchists for legacy? I mean It DOES raise them to 10, even though it’s technically a part of a different legacy. It also makes me wonder - what exactly was up between those monkeys and London and what was in those docs. “They know what they did.” Isn’t my kind of answer. How do I even know that they indeed know what they did? And why the heck is neither of the two parties willing to spill it? Unless that’s exactly what they made me do… but then why does the whole London gets to learn that and I don’t???

London Supremacy doesn’t lock out the other Supremacies.

Can someone explain to me the concepts behind supremacy? Initially, I raised London’s supremacy to maximum (Glorious, I believe) and then accidentally raised the Dawn Machine to maximum. Is there any gameplay differences or point to this besides story?

The only game play differences that I am aware of are that you lose the Admiral in London when Dawn Machine Supremacy is maxed, and you lose both the Admiral and the Diplomat if Anarchist Supremacy is maxed.

Anarchists gets you the Boke of Sharpes.