Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition

[color=#0066ff]A fancy new edition of Sunless Skies, coming in 2020, to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and as a free update for PC owners! [/color]
[color=#0066ff]Find out everything you need to know[/color]

Bad news for core players. Yeah, i understand that company have a product and wants to show it for more broad customers, on other platforms. But for us PC gamers DLC with good chunk of new content or new game would be much better.
edited by Waterpls on 10/20/2019

But, expanding their market would bring more revenue - and thus more time and resources - with which to make DLC and/or future games. So, good news for core players.

I’m looking forward to the changes to character progression. The new facets don’t excite me as much as they should. As it stands I feel they’re a bit of a wasted mechanic. In theory I should be picking what feels right for my character and opening up opportunities and obstacles with it, but in practice I’m just looking at the stats and trying to get enough to use the Wrath of Heaven plus whatever else I want in that run.

Do we have any form of release dates on the update? I know it is said to be sometime in the first half of this year, but do we have any more specifics yet?

Also, wow, this forum seems super dead these days. I remember it being more active.

I was just wondering if I should invest in Iron and Veils in my latest run after hitting level 20 and killing the Azure, but ultimately I ended up minmaxing Hearts again because I just can’t let go of that beautiful, beautiful weapon that can 5-hit KO a Logos or 3-hit a Curator.
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Last information I can find said that the Sovereign Update would come out in August or September. We’re half way through September… do we have an updated date for this?

[color=#3366ff]Yes, here.[/color]