Sunless Sea Tabletop Game

I realize this has probably been mentioned before but I’ve been playing sunless sea on and off since I bought it and all I think of is, god my friends would love this as a table top game, so I just thought I would give the topic a little bump and ask if Failbetter is considering making one.

I don’t think they are, but we could always fan-brew one. ^^

I like the idea though. What system do you think would work well? Something similar to World Of Darkness would be my suggestion. I’d imagine you’d be able to easily modify it for the setting.

Well if someone was looking to make a fan one, I would take a look at Warhammers, Dark Heresy game, or the adeptus evangelion that came from it, the stats work similar to how they work in Sunless Sea, as it’s 1-100 and you roll a 1d100, if its under your stat then you pass.

[color=#0066ff]This comes up pretty regularly, and while we’d love to see one made, previous efforts have come to naught and we can’t devote the time to making one ourselves. If a credible team came to us with a credible project and a publisher, we’d consider it![/color]

Well Lads, Lady’s, and squid faced others if anyone in that line of work sees this and you want to make that, they’ll consider it.

How about putting something together on Tabletopia and seeing if there’s interest…?