Sunless Sea on Metacritic and GOG!

[color=#0066ff]We’re excited to be the top game on at the moment! Here’s our page.

Also our metacritic page is up, hooray!

If you fancy dropping your reviews on either of those sites, your honest and true ones of course, that would be an amazing help![/color]
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edited by h4nchan on 2/9/2015

With its current Metacritic score, Sunless Sea is at the same rank as Deus Ex 1 & 3, Spelunky, Portal, Braid, Civ 3 & 5, and GTA IV. Slightly ahead of Walking Dead, Morrowind, Fallout, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect, XCOM, Limbo, Stanley Parable, Diablo 3, and, as it happens. Sid Meier’s Pirates! Obviously there’s a thousand qualifications in there about sample size, comparisons across mediums and genres, and so on… and it’s early days yet… but that still feels pretty good.

I noticed the metacritic page has the release date as when it first appeared on early access so it’s not appearing in the recent game releases list

[color=#0066ff]Yeah. Steam is still saying we released last June because of Early Access, so it looks like we’re stuck with it. We’re on their Front Page Bar Chart of Greatness, though![/color]