Sunless Sea official wiki

[color=#C2B280]Some of you will already be aware of the increasingly useful Gamepedia wiki for Sunless Sea. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve agreed to their request for official status, so if any of you are interested in editing a wiki, we’d like to gently encourage you to to contribute to this one.

Please refrain from reproducing significant amounts of in-game text verbatim, though: the usual guidelines apply.[/color]

This looks useful!

I had assumed that the 250 character limit on the Wikia-hosted FL wiki applied to the Gamepedia SS wiki but an older user told me otherwise. Is there a hard cap or is it sort of hand-wavey as to what’s a reasonable amount?

[li]Might I cordially and humbly suggest that this be stickied like the announcements? It’s been stagnating due to a lack of access as of late, and the added exposure might help…[/li][li]
edited by SouthSea Rutherby on 12/15/2014

I’ve been updating some of the monsters as I go through the game but stats and text are a bit harder to pull out of the game now that it’s real time combat. I’ve been trying to standardize the pages a bit too so that each has the same categories.

A lot of the interactions haven’t been updated since the combat changes.
edited by EscapeZeppelin on 12/15/2014

I’m planning to sign up and start adding/updating things soon I think - I was trying to remember where it was I could hand in hunter’s trophies yesterday and couldn’t find anything useful. I found an interaction at the sisterhood that gave me -4 terror but I was pretty sure I got something else somewhere the first time I had one.

The other place that takes hunting trophies is Godfall - you get a Zea Story; a Memory of Distant Shores and a Tale of Terror and some fragments.

Port/item/quality descriptions are generally pretty short, so those aren’t a problem. For events, though, the ones where you’re clicking through multiple lushly described locations and such, I feel like excerpting a sentence or two per major event-segment is enough to convey information/jog memories without going into “replicate this interaction on the wiki” territory.

I’ll try for Naples with my next captain. I felt awfully guilty that I wasn’t able to do anything for her.

Hi the truthseeker, i’m S3Ld0m from the Sunless Sea Wiki! I’m currently going through all the ports one by one, finishing up Port Cecil as we speak. Will do the ports on Shepherd’s Wash next. I can also do the Naples interactions first, if you wish! :)

I really want to help with the wikia but I must find everything myself, so I don’t want spoilers. Sorry

Just noticed that the wiki is severely out-of-date… Last wiki update was during…[li]

Sunless Sea is now ::

Ive never encountered that in the game so far, and Ive practically done most of the things in the game. Perhaps its an item that was coded into the game but never implemented?
edited by ThreeTen22 on 8/27/2015