Sunless Sea officers roleplaying project

[li]I want make five alts for roleplay five start officers from Sunless Sea. Have ideas about this? Ambitions? Storilets? Quirks? Renown of fractions? You can argue in this topic.[/li][li]
edited by MrCandles on 8/8/2019

Who forgot or not played, read the list.

Longshanks Gunner - she was urchin, but become artillerist. Travel to Khan Shadow. Probably pickpocket.
Shadt Cook - he know one or more Veteran of the Campaign of '68. Travel to Wisdom. Also he look alike Watcher who wear Revolting Disguise.
Gall-Eyed Engineer - I have no idea about her life before travel with priest.
Plausible Surgeon - he want be doctor and learn corpses.
Sly Navigator - his hat look like gift from Misterious Benefactor. Travel to Frosfound.
Have ideas for roleplaying?