Sunless Sea lighting for Corsair RGB keyboards

So, I recently bought a needlessly fancy keyboard (a Corsair K65) with programmable lights. I figured since I have it, I might as well make use of it, and so decided to make a set of lights that emulates the zee, as best I am able. I’ve lit up all of the important keys (weapons in an explodey sort of yellowish-orange, navigation and interface keys in a brassy yellow, full power in red and lights in white), and the rest of the keyboard ripples through the greens and blues of the broad zee, with occasional crests of white from the false-stars.
See it in action below!

It can be downloaded at I believe it will work on any Corsair RGB keyboard, not just the K65.

That’s pretty cool! Sadly not something most people have on hand to try themselves.

Nice job! Converted it for use with the K70 RGB using this. Looks great. :)
edited by SchmittyThePirate on 2/24/2015
edited by SchmittyThePirate on 2/24/2015