Sunless Sea IRC Channel!

Summary; click here to fulfil all your greatest dreams.

I did briefly mention this already, but it was a reply to a fairly active thread and it kind of got buried!

Lost? Confused? Bored? Lonely? Solve that today by joining the #SunlessSea IRC Channel! There’s always at least a few people around who know their way around the zee and can probably tell you a thing or two.
Joining is easy! If you have a client of your own, you probably know what’s up already. The channel is hosted on and the channel name is #SunlessSea. While you’re there, you may also want to check out #FallenLondon!

If you don’t have a client, then there’s a web-based client you can use instead. Click here, the link above or the link in my signature to join the channel. That’s all you need to do, although you may want to set a nickname too; just type /nick UsernameGoesHere if you don’t choose one on joining. You should also probably visit the maingame channel by typing /join #FallenLondon or clicking the #FallenLondon bit in the channel title.
That client is not very good, though! You’ll probably want to download one; recommendations include Chatzilla, Hexchat or mIRC. How you connect to the server from there may vary on client, but generally you’ll want to type /attach and then /join #SunlessSea

Why would you want to join the channel? Well, you can discuss optimal routes and strategies, talk about cool new things you’ve run into, mention discoveries after content updates or share tales of lives lost to the ruthless peligin zee. Or maybe something else! The possibilities for words are endless!

[quote=Spacemarine9]Summary; click here to fulfil all your greatest dreams.

I’m not sure all of you will appreciate the fulfilling of my greatest dreams. (muahahahahaha!)

Just gonna bump this up now that there’s an influx of new forum people with the whole public beta launch. The channel is actually modestly active now, so if youu ask a thing someone is likely to be there to answer. Or scream miserably about being eaten by a crabb. Either or.

Joined. and… bump, for any new people coming in via Steam :P

If “/attach” doesn’t work in whatever client you try, try either “/connect” or “/server” (I’ve been using IRC for fifteen years and I’ve never seen /attach!?)