Sunless Sea here to stay?

So the developers plan to support this game for a really long time, right? I don’t ever want Sunless Sea to end. It’s one of those games that I like it so much I am afraid to play it because that means it will be over sooner. I hope this is like a new franchise and we are just at the cusp. I don’t want to wake up one morning having done everything in Sunless Sea then have to beg for change since now I’m a hobo cause all I did was play Sunless Sea. Make me a happy hobo and never stop updating.
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I’m sure they’ll have to stop with Sunless Sea updates at some point in the future. It’d be foolish to think otherwise :P

And after that, who knows? An even better sequel? (Or an isometric RPG, wink wink.)

yeah, I wouldn’t mind that. Besides trying to be funny I really do love the game, but I just wish there was more of an end game to keep it alive, but a sequel would be exactly what I am talking about. I like REALLY getting into things I like and so many games built like this are very enjoyable, but very finite. This could be, and should be the kind of game you make a hobby out of. I just hope the sales gave them the message &quotHEY! WE REALLY LIKE THIS!&quot Masterpieces like this often have a niche audience and therefore die at the lament of a small, but very dedicated community.

I hope they use the Crusader Kings II model of bi-annual expansions. Even if that meant defining EA customers’ access to all expansions as really meaning zubmariners plus one more, CK2’s model is really the one to go for in order to keep this game alive.

Several key areas are as yet unexplored, such as whaling, maritime politics of letters of marque, and piracy.

Furthermore expansions would allow FB to fix the game’s main design issue, which is that the near-London islands don’t each have about 3 different possible mutually-exclusive stories that show up for each new captain, thus varying early game starting situations enough for a roguelike.

The best way to ensure that additional content for Sunless Sea is produced is to tell your friends and have them buy it.

Speaking of sequels and expansions, I think a sunless sea point and click, or just a text adventure could be fun, if the studio could do it.
Just something small to throw at people to keep them interested, because really, and this is me being a greedy piggy, I really just want more. They have a good world built on top of interesting ideas and mystery.

But I do disagree with MrChapeau, I found sunless seas main problem was that there wasn’t enough cause and effect in the world.
What I mean by that is, take the vital information and the progression of different cities for example, When you turn that it something more should have happend, maybe more london ships in the water when it got high enough, maybe cheaper fuel, or dialog changes when you go to other ports where people would treat you differently depending on how much influence one city had.

But then again I have no idea how much work that would have been.
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