Sunless Sea & Fallen London prints at EGX!

[color=#0066ff]We have some exciting news for Sunless Sea players and anyone who has succumbed to the invigorating goodness of Rubbery Lumps.

We are releasing TWO gorgeous, high-quality poster prints of Sunless Sea and Fallen London art with Gamer’s Edition, available from their stand at EGX, the UK’s biggest gaming event, this weekend![/color]
Demeaux’s Navigational Chart of the Known Unterzee is a high-quality A2 Giclee print, and Mrs Plenty’s Rubbery Lumps is a high-quality A3 Giclee print.

You can buy the Sunless Sea map and Mrs Plenty’s Rubbery Lumps prints at the Gamer’s Edition stand at EGX in Birmingham this weekend. Gamer’s Edition are currently making the boxed editions of Hotline Miami 1 & 2 and Kerbal Space Program. We’ve had samples of the prints to review. We can confirm that they are truly lovely.

Our special prints are in limited quantity, and any which remain after EGX will be available to buy online via Gamer’s Edition. [/color]
[color=#0066ff]It’s possible if there’s enough demand that we will do a reprint. In this eventuality we’ll let you know where and when register your interest![/color]

[color=#0066ff]Update: these are going on sale at at noon today![/color]

The Gamer’s Edition site specifically indicates &quotframe not included&quot for the Rubbery Lumps print but has no such warning for the Map of the Unterzee – is that an oversight or an indicator that it does come framed?[li]

EDIT: Also! The site appears to disagree on sizing; the map is listed as A3 and the flier as A4. Who’s correct?
edited by Jeremy Avalon on 10/9/2015

Looking at the image on the twitter, it appears (but I cannot confirm 100%) the map being sold is the Error Print version of the map. That is to say the version that doesn’t include the port of Brite in Frostfound. The error print edition of the map is a glossy A2 poster and it is the same version as was sent out to the kickstarter backers.

A bit of interesting history, due to an error in documentation, I was forgotten as a sunless sea kickstarter backer on I want to say 3 or 4 separate occasions leading to the existence of occasional discrepancies and differences in the promotional materials. I like to claim this is proof of me being irrigo in real life :P

The Revised Print which I got later is a coarse/canvasy paper A4 version of the map. It includes port Brite and is WAY HUGE in comparison to the error print version of the kickstarter maps.

So to answer/not answer your question, uh, there are more than one map size in existence and its probably my fault haha. I’m sort of curious myself which version of the map is being sold. Is the twitter picture accurate, is it the error version? Who can say. If anyone has procured one of these maps I would be very interested to find out :)

[color=#0066ff]Only 5 of the chart left, as I type! To your questions:

  • [color=#0066ff]There are no frames included[/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]We have the sizes correctly, and I’ve asked them to update the page! Mrs Plenty is A3 (twice as big as standard printer paper) and the chart is A2 (twice as big as Mrs Plenty)[/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]These are new, totally separate editions of the corrected version of the map, including Brite (Edit: I checked, and it’s on there - visible on the version on Any discrepancies in the images we shared will be down to me using the wrong saved image by accident for a tweet.[/color]

[color=#0066ff]Hope that helps. :)[/color][li]
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