Sunless Sea engine?

I’m sure the answer is &quotno,&quot but I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t ask:

Is there a chance that, once Sunless Sea is launched, you folks might release the engine – or part of the engine – as a &quotbuild your own storylet-powered wander-around-a-map game&quot kit? Either as a freemium, transaction-financed model a la StoryNexus, or as a full-priced kit (so: $50 buys you the Lego Sunless Sea Set, construct your own game as you like).

Thanks for indulging! :) Great work so far, all.

Were I to hazard a guess … given that StoryNexus didn’t work as hoped, causing them to switch direction and stick it in maintenance mode … this sounds extremely unlikely. Think of the extra support it would need! If they can’t spare the time for SN … (dramatic trailing off in meaningful manner shown via careful use of ellipsis)
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You could well be right!

I’m pretty sure that the game uses the Unity engine, so you may want to look in that direction.

Good point. Liam’s blogged a few things about working with it here:

[color=#009900]It’s not something that sounds like any fun for us and it wouldn’t make us any money and the last time we tried something similar we nearly went bankrupt, so no. :-)[/color]
[color=#009900]The configuration file system we use is potentially very moddable, so if we saw a mod community develop spontaneously we would probably give it our blessing: but I don’t expect we’ll ever get anything like that big.[/color]

Figured, but had to ask! Thanks Alexis. :)

(Would like to reiterate how sad I was that StoryNexus didn’t deliver for you folks. It was and still is a great tool, and deserved a longer and warmer day in the sun.)