Sunless Sea coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018

[color=#cc0099]Steady your zee-legs, Captain. Sunless Sea is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018! Our debut console launch will also include its extensive expansion, combining the two into Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition.

Enjoy the same deep, compelling world packed with 350,000+ words of stories and secrets, whether you’re above the waves or below them.

We’ve partnered with BlitWorks again, who helped us bring Sunless Sea to iPad, and we can’t wait to see what you think of Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition![/color]
edited by Absintheuse on 8/1/2018

[quote=Mr Sables]Will this be digital only?

Or will it have a physical release for PS4?[/quote]

[color=#cc0099]It’ll be a digital release![/color]

Will this mean controller support for the personal computer version?

Huge pity that there is no Zubmariner in sight for mobile devices. Properly arranged Android release can do wonders for title popularity, especially if it is NOT one of the 34756378467453656-a-day microtransactions garbage.

[color=#cc0099]Unfortunately controller support is pretty complex stuff, and Sunless Sea was never designed with controller support in mind. [/color]
[color=#cc0099]We’ve worked closely with Blitworks to solve this for PS4, which has inevitably meant re-designing some aspects of the UI and adding new UI features. To implement these changes on the PC version would be a big and challenging job. [/color]
[color=#cc0099]This is something we’ve learned from, and with Sunless Skies, the sequel, controller support is in from the get-go. We’ve had confirmation from players that they’ve used Steam controllers and our key remapping options to make controller support work, if that’s an option for you.[/color]
[color=#cc0099]It’s one of those things that you might not think about when you’re making your first game, and unfortunately it’s an early oversight that isn’t easy to fix now.[/color]

Has anyone had any issues with combat on PS4? I’ve just begun, having played only about an hour. But on the starting ship, I can’t seem to fire my deck weapon. I wait for it to charge up, then fire at enemies in the red semi-circle. Nothing. I didn’t have this issue on the PC - though combat was never my favorite part of the game (I miss the old static combat).

In the early game, it’s hard to keep supplies up without eating at least a few Auroral Megalops…

Would it be very difficult for you to add a scalable UI for the PS4-Version? The problem is: If you are not sitting on the other side of the room, the text is far too large and the UI blocks precious screen space.