Sunless Sea coming to iPad this spring

[color=#cc0099]Today is Failbetter Games’ 7th birthday! With such an auspicious date to celebrate, we thought it only right to share some equally exciting news with you—Sunless Sea is coming to iPad this spring!

Zail your ship with a tap of your finger! The game will feature the full version of the original PC game, including all updated content, except for the Zubmariner expansion. Encounter zee-beasts and agonize over cannibalism on the go!

We’ve teamed up with BlitWorks (known for mobile versions of Invisible Inc., Don’t Starve, Broken Age and Bastion, among others) for development and adapted the game’s mechanics for touch controls so zailors can explore the Unterzee with a simple tap of the finger.

Sunless Sea will require iOS8+ and will be compatible with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or higher.[/color]

another reason to get an ipad pro soon.

btw happy birthday FBG!

I don’t own an iPad (nor do I plan to) but this is fantastic news - spread the dark light of the Sunless Sea to more people :)

Still hoping you guys make it available for Android. Sunless Sea is almost perfectly suited for it already…

Another vote for Sunless Sea ported to Android.

Not that you haven’t already considered it, and decided if and how you’re gonna do it.

I may need a bigger tablet.