Sunless Sea backer-only content for all?

Forgive me if this has been answered previously by Failbetter, but is there any news on when the reward content for Fallen London from the higher Sunless Sea kickstarter pledge tiers (i.e. the Parabolan Panther, Dadd Wing, Cladery Heart & Surgeon’s Child) will be available to non-backers?

From the FAQ at the bottom of the Sunless Sea kickstarter page:

[quote=]&quotNEW: Will the backer-only content ever be available to non-backers after Sunless Sea is launched?
It would be a shame to rule it out for people who never heard of the KS - but we want to reward our backers properly. So we will only offer it (i) a minimum of six months after delivery to backers (ii) at a higher price than the pledge level that allows it.&quot[/quote]

The panther was released to backers last year, and Sunless Sea has been out for around six months. As a lower-tier backer who only got into Fallen London after the kickstarter was over, I’m very interested in getting the additional content (presumably in exchange for Fate). Alternatively, since there’s also bonus Sunless Sea content in the reward tiers (Pirate Poet, Cladery Heart, etc.), will the content be released as DLC for Sunless Sea, which would then connect back to one’s FL account to provide the additional FL content? I’m just curious if there are any plans for this.

Yeah I would love this. Even if it’s fate-locked or requires you to purchase Sunless Sea DLC I’d be fine with it

Though I’m looking forward to whenever Failbetter decides to release these exclusives to the public, I wonder how they’ll be pricing them. With the Parabolan Panther at $30, the Museum of Mistakes at $50, and The Tale of the Cladery Heart and the Surgeon’s Child at $80, one must beg the question as to how much each individual add-on will cost. Remember, not only did each pack contain everything within the previous packs along with its own special offer, but also content relating to Sunless Sea and merchandise for the game itself. As such, we’ll see a major decrease in price compared to the pack as a whole while still being charged more for the content solely being offered. However they decide to go about it, I pray to the Gods of the Zee that their decisions come swiftly.

The issue here is that not all of the Sunless Sea kickstarter exclusive content has been delivered to the backers even yet. Well some of it has, like the panthers and the Dadd Wing, both of which have been out for 6+ months (Dadd was out last Halloween), but that statement above makes it very ambiguous as to when the 6 month timer starts. Is it individual for each piece of content? Is it for all backer content as a whole? Who can say, its a puzzle and a mystery. That said, I am still very much looking forward to the Pirate Poet release whenever that comes out, and the Caldery Heart/Surgeon’s Child. Those sound pretty cool right?
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I had no idea the backers have yet to receive all the content they were promised. Hopefully that gets settled in the near future. My initial guess would be that they would be doing individual timers for each piece of content as it arises, though the lack of any as-of-yet coming into sale for non-backers could suggest otherwise. No doubt that it’ll be a blast whenever it comes out to enjoy the stories and additional content, I just hope it’s sooner than later (though I’m sure the Failbetter crew is already working hard on completing their remaining promised content and devising how best to market said content to the player masses). Can’t wait!

I, too, did not realize that all of the Sunless Sea backer-only content hasn’t been delivered yet. Fortunately, last Thursday Sunless Sea was updated to allow for the addition of DLC. From the update notes:

Hopefully, the DLC will include the backer content and will (eventually) become available for everyone to buy. In the meantime, while waiting to get a Parabolan Panther I’ll be content with my Parabolan Kitten, which was kindly gifted to me by a certain Hedonistic gentleman. And I’m also looking forward to having the Merciless Modiste join my steamship crew…

I gotta say, I am super-excited for the new mod capability and accompanying backer content. (Is the Modiste going to be an ally or an enemy? I was under the impression it was the latter, but I’m not entirely sure where I got that idea. Either way, The Set just seem super-cool.)

She is very probably an officer in my opinion.