Sundry Fallen London improvements

[color=#009900]You’ll have noticed the site is being much snappier: we moved a lot of things around. We’ve also added some subtle but significant improvements as of today:[/color]


I thought my opportunity cards were drawing faster! Thanks! Maintaining opportunity hands is… OK, I guess. It was nice to have a way to get rid of undiscardables; in particular I’d be happier if my Zee and Nadir hands reset on each visit (and maybe the Nadir is one of those exceptions). But in the past I’ve definitely lost a few opportunities I wanted to save – mainly the Soul Trade menace-remover – by thoughtlessly going on a Heist, so that’ll be nice.

Love the faster speed, thanks guys!

That being said, eyeless skulls have just gotten a whole lot more annoying. Thankfully I’ve already opened the Nadir for all my toons.

I do certainly hope the Nadir is one of the places that resets on each visit.
I love the change to making undiscardable cards more menacing though.

Am loving the speed.

One thing I’m pretty sure shouldn’t be happening is that I have just played “A polite invitation” (it was my only card in hand, with no cards waiting), returned to lodgings, and card was still there. Then played it again twice, and it’s still there.

Now I have nothing preventing me from going to the Cave of the Nadir every week. Definitely awesome.

Can the Gift from the Capering Relicker be made discard-able?

There is something a bit odd about the opportunity cards being added back to your hand after you use them. Earlier today I accepted a polite invitation, enjoyed a party with a whiskered admiral and a Turkish girl, and then returned only to find I still had a polite invitation sitting in my hand. While there is something appealing about a never-ending party, is that really how this new mechanism is intended to work?

I would mention that at least some of the “can’t discard” cards were added once there was a way to remove them by going somewhere else.

If this was at all part of balancing the card, then the change of not being able to discard the entire hand makes them worse, and not just harder to deal with.

If you’d consider a way to refresh the entire hand in future content… Irigo would have been the perfect way but… you have other tools and plots, I am sure.

[quote=]You will now be booted out of certain storylets if you lose the qualities they require while you’re in one.[/quote]Luckily for me, this doesn’t seem to affect the storylets where I like to game the system by reducing or increasing certain qualities.

Guess I better stop abusing it then!

All those &quotfavours in high places&quot from constant partying would have helped me get even more scheme. Which I need for when you bring out something new and cool that requires lots of notability to get. That’s happening, right ;)

While at Zee, I currently have a three-card hand (despite four-card lodgings) and, more importantly, No Draw Limit. Is this an intentional change of behaviour (no draw limit makes sense in places with no discardable cards) or is it a bug left from testing?

Edit: Ah, I must have missed the earlier changelog, silly me. I was wondering why it wasn’t on this one.
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It is an intentional change of behaviour.

Here is the thread regarding the Zee-voyage changes.

When I linked to the pugilism option on An Implausible Penance, and maybe notted out, there was no way to get back to it. Is this incorrect behavior or am I misunderstanding the Linked events + sometimes cards part of the announcement?

Aww, I thought that was a feature of the card. :(

Aww, I thought that was a feature of the card. :([/quote]

This regrettable bug however has allowed me to extensively playtest various parts of these sundry improvements, and I would like to point out one potential bug/feature. The player hand at the party is not persistent and was reset every visit, though that may be an intended feature as with heists which you specifically mentioned.
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Also, it seems that the timer for the next card restarts at 10 minutes everytime a change of the deck occurs, no matter where it was before.

[quote=Ian Hart]I do certainly hope the Nadir is one of the places that resets on each visit.[/quote]I really really hope so.
Also, from lore perspective, given the nature of the Nadir it makes sense that every visit should start with a clean slate.