Summary of loose ends and unresolved stories

Fallen London has undergone massive growth since this thread was first created and much on the original list has been addressed. Nonetheless quite a few loose ends remain. I have organised them, loosely, by the strength of FBG’s commitment to resolve them.

A: Things we have been told to expect

  • Zailing rework
  • Railway rebalance
  • Reward for having self-statue at every station
  • New Festival to replace Elections
  • Laboratory rework
  • Watchful Gains 230 and Mr Spice’s pregnancy
  • Extensions of Helicon House (as if the Rubbery won 2020 Elections)
  • Extensions to the Lab/Bone Market to deal with honest palaentology (as if the Gebrandt won 2020 Elections)
  • Metempsychosis
  • Permanent storylets to change “You Make Your Toasts To” and “Identified with a Tradition”
  • Fixing/completing Costs conversion (where quality requirements are differentiated into costs and unlock conditions)

B: Things we have been told are possibilities or are otherwise likely

  • A rework of the unusual Connected qualities - Widow, Duchess, University and Masters.
  • Return of Knife and Candle lore
  • More content in the Elder Continent and Parabola settings (the latter with its own map!)
  • Locked Unterzee destinations:
    – The Pillars
    – The East
  • Green Chess

C: Incomplete stories - Stories that have had substantial progress but have not been completed

  • Labyrinth of Tigers (Sixth and Seventh Coils are locked)
  • Theosophistical Society storyline (The “There’s definitely something in it” option on “A Theosophistical Decision” is Impossible!)
  • The Dilmun Club expedition
  • Dreams (ending/second tier of Chess, Water, Someone There)
  • The Blind Pianist and the Sallow Spirifer
  • The Wars of Illusion (including rework of Glass/Shroud away from being Connected qualities)
  • Mysteries of the Foreign Office
  • Diocesan Intrigues
  • Nocturnal Visitor to Palace Cellars
  • Continuation of the Fate-locked Soldier’s Heartbreaking Tale, requiring to drop a Silver Horse Talisman down a well

D: Qualities that appear to be building up to something but currently don’t do very much:

  • Keys to Your Future (A Bringer of Death, Empire’s Kingmaker, Hellfarer, Fist of the Bazaar)
  • Adrift on the Sea of Misery
  • Acquaintance: the Heptagoat
  • Closest to (in general; the cost of changing the faction suggests significantly more import than its current tenuous link to the Spending Secrets carousel)
  • Caprine Authority (greater than 1)
  • Newspaper qualities (Defender of Truth, Cardinal of Conspiracy, Prophet of the Gutter)
  • Caught in the Gear’s Teeth (part of Playing with Broken Toys storyline; possibly Orphaned now that the Daughter’s storyline is ostensibly concluded)
  • “Are they talking about you?” (gained in the Fate-locked part of the Jack story)
  • “Route: the Cave of the Nadir” 4 and above (the consequences of which faction you sell the location to)
  • Growing… (Framed like a generic Progress quality but currently only used for rubbery turnips)

E: Characters with unfleshed-out background or background elements that haven’t been tied up

  • The Numismatrix
  • The Implacable Detective (and whatever happened with the key in the well on Hunter’s Keep)
  • The nature of the maid and the thing at the bottom of the well on Hunter’s Keep
  • Lyme
  • The Ambassador
  • False-summer
  • Drudgewick (island/area off FL as seen in side snippets - might come in the Zee rework?)

F. Orphaned content - Qualities and quality levels that have been forgotten/hint at content that seemingly has been abandoned (this is distinct from qualities that can be actively gained but have minimal uses and distinct from stories have been started but not completed)

  • Intimidating… (used to be reset together with the other progress qualities whenever you go to Zee)
  • Sultan’s Dream (unlock for one of FotR tattoos)
  • Closest to: The Masters, The Duchess, The University
  • An Expedition: Seeking an Infernal Picnic
  • Engaged in a Case: the Other Wax-Work, the Copper Thumb, the Early Grave, the Man with the Mirrors, the Crooked Bridge
  • Your Quarry: A Keeper-Moth and Your Quarry: Something from the Roof (Contracts at the Department of menace eradication.)
  • The “Follow cold trails and the suspicion of footprints” option in “Hunting across London”
  • The Pickpocket’s Promenade in Veilgarden (a difficulty level in Crowds of Spite)
  • Leather Hearts (extracted from Jack, somehow linked to the Revolutionaries)
  • The Interpreter of Dreams (Consultations for non-Water and non-Strategy dreams missing)
  • Noise (gained when failing while Engaged in a Case)
  • “Seek Assistance from another writer” (For when you are working on literary works)(likely retired)

G: Things that have been discussed in the community as possible but no indication from FBG that they are on the books

  • The Quiet Deviless as a spouse
  • The return of old Particular Day in the Neath stories (The Perils of the Hackney-Carriage, Apes and Ivory, Odysseus , A Parcel in the Post, Amber Eyes, A Conundrum of Cavies)
  • Silver Tree tie-ins for Fate (Temple Club, Falcon etc)
  • Sunless Sea tie-ins for Fate (Parabolan Panther, Dadd Wing etc)
  • Closest to: The Widow
  • the “profit” that is implied to come from the Devious Raven Adviser in its flavour description
  • Fungal Pony

H: Abandoned content - content that FBG has actively indicated they are not interested in pursuing

  • Third season of Knife and Candle as P2P content (as opposed to lore)
  • Tier 5 Professions (via the Impossible “More rarefied and elaborate roles?” branch of An Unsigned Message)
  • Enigma 3
  • Higher Studies (a briefly glimpsed branch that may allow further increases of ASotC) - this is likely superseded by Laboratory/Advanced Skills and given Poet Laureate etc there is no indication that Scholar of the Correspondence would rise above 21
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It is just a signpost telling you to go to the University.

This is for Spending Secret. It is possible to get to Counting the Days without enough Pocketful of Loose Change to cash in for better rewards, and the risky option for Mark of Credit wipe this quality out. Nothing special about it.

Given the way it works, it seems to be just another &quotAirs of London&quot quality.

There is also the Foreign Office, which presumably is the lead-in for Carnelian Coast as you are suppose to go from
Exiled from Court -> Offered the post of Governer at Carnelian Coast -> Get it sorted out at Foreign Office -> Go to Carnelian Coast

In addition:

A Nocturnal Visitor to the Palace Cellars
The Struggling Artist (good god why can’t you take care of yourself like the Model does)
The Starving Artist
The Honey-Sipping Heiress
More Coils at Labyrinth of Tiger
Bound in Diocesan Intrigue

I’m keenest about the Dilium Club for some reason, plus new places to explore at sea (okay, I know we have Sunless Sea for that now, but still…)



With you brother!

Thank you, Estelle!

I suppose it felt like there is more to the whole Numismatrix story and that we’d be learning more about currency and using Pocketfuls for other purposes… But maybe not.

[quote=Estelle Knoht]There is also the Foreign Office
Bound in Diocesan Intrigue

As I am not there yet on either of these, is it that there is an explicitly locked or incomplete path? Or just the story doesn’t feel finished?

Do you mean that it seems that the characters themselves need more story development or are there actual storylets involving them that are incomplete?

I thought this was finished, no? Or do you think the intention is that we go to Parabola and pursue more of it there?

Do you just mean to remove their cards from the deck? I didn’t get a sense that there was more to their stories

Ah yes. The fifth coil is explicitly there but locked. I will add this in. Also I forgot to add Sultan’s Dream to the list of qualities we know are out there.

Some storylets and lore hints that Lyme and Feducci are more important than they look and you will be dealing with them again in the future beyond what you can do with them currently. At least, more than just &quotduel this guy&quot and &quotteach the Clay Man&quot, like how Virginia is teased to be involved in Ambitions instead of just being your annoyance in archaeology.

Foreign Office, fate-locked or not, are simply not yet finished - your reason of going there is to become a diplomat and the governor of Carnelian Coast, which was offered as a compensation for getting you exiled from the Court. Right now, you can hang around and grind a repeatable carousel with no permanent effect.

Bound in Diocesan Intrigue is kind of a prelude, I think? Kind of like how Scientific Expedition is a prelude to Dilmun Club.

The Struggling Artist and the Heiress kind of sticks out because the Model and the Jewel-Thief get development later on.
I will, of course, always complain about the Struggling Artist because he is like an Eyeless Skull.

Pocketful of Loose Change have very explicit function and not much story attached to it. It is also a Progress quality, in the same category as Casing and Investigating. What I mean is that you might have new things to buy with it in the future but you don’t call Investigating an unresolved story for having new story that use the quality.

Presumably, the dreams will also be going on for a long time as you need 99 Is Someone There? for the Parabolan Base-Camp.

Personally speaking, I hope Millicent Clathermont is a loose end. Still feel bad for the fat man. Probably doesn’t count.

You need 5 Leathery Human Hearts for something at the University (Shadowy Dealings at the University > An anatomical moment). I don’t know what it does, or if it uses them up, but it is something.

[Edit] Except you do have them listed as incomplete stories rather than useless. Sorry, I should read better.
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All it does is give you a token amount of Connected: Revolutionaries.

This might be getting a bit off-topic, but Nitebrite’s heptagoat success has me wondering. Has anyone at Failbetter made comments about how much content currently exists that has never been discovered by anyone?

There may be good reasons they wouldn’t want to divulge that information, but it would be interesting to know.

This may be off topic too, since it’s not technically a loose end and more like languishing hope. I hope comprehensive bribes will one day return to the War of the Assassins options.

Updated with the newly discovered Expedition quality and the Well-Guarded level for Flit Heists. Also moved The Carnelian Coast slightly due to its recent disappearance as a locked storylet.

Great work, genesis! I think this thread needs to be either stickied or bumped constantly, as a kind of to-do/remained list :)

I agree that SMEN should be something like Ambition: Mr Eaten’s Name, in line with Enigma.
Shouldn’t that be “Tier 5 Professions”?
Pickpocket’s Promenade isn’t locked.
I feel like The Cheery Man and the Last Constable is complete. Getting a permanent resource-giving opportunity card is, in my experience, a “this story is over” marker.

Er, yes., you are quite right I was thinking Notability 8 that would be required for it.

Pickpocket’s Promenade itself isn’t locked. But the Veilgarden path is.

I don’t think I got any new opportunity cards…? In any case the last storylet for the Last Constable path says: &quotThis story ends here for now.&quot, suggesting that there is more to come.

Ah, quite right.
I did the Cheery Man side of it, and that appears to be finished. How unfair!

I don’t knowq if this has been covered, but returning to court after being sent to the Foreign office and taking your rightful post as Imperial Artist-in-Residence.

So we know about the Carnelian coast, the east, and North (if not NORTH) thanks to Sunless Sea. But what do we know about the pillars? They make me think of the sea of statues, but that’s not even close to being right.

The Pillars would be Irem in the Pillared Sea - a mysterious place in its own right, of course.

Okay, I guess I didn’t think about that. It’ll be cool if Fallen London and Sunless Sea reach a point of near congruity. After all Corpsecage and Bullbone are nowhere to be seen in the Sunless Sea.