Sultan's Dream?

Getting a tattoo saw this need for an option. What’s this related to?[li]

We don’t know! Hopefully we’ll find out sooner or later, because it sounds interesting.

Could it be related to The Silver Tree?

…As I type this, I realise that Silver Tree had a Khan, not a Sultan. Still, posting for possibilities.

ETA: Unless it is another dream that can be obtained from the Cider with multiple sips at once?
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The only Sultan’s Dream I know about is the Georges Melies film, but there doesn’t seem to be any connection between that and the Glovemaker flavor text, or the concept of the &quotGreat Work&quot…

The Great Work refers to the device, or the more vague plan, the Revolutionaries are setting into motion to bring about Liberation. Chances are it has to do with that.

Was going to make Mr(s) Varinn’s point. The Great Work does indeed refer to the Liberation of Night—the only other place I’ve seen it mentioned is by a cryptozoologist at the University while investigating the mirror-travelling abilities of sorrow-spiders. I don’t see a strong connection and think it unlikely to be relevant given that the University is much older content, but I suppose it’s possible.