Suite at Bethlehem - 3D version

Last Christmas after finally getting a suite in Bethlehem, I became a bit obsessed with the place and decided that I want to create its more or less realistic likeness. What could be easier? Find a 3d modelling program, throw in a bunch of fitting models, press magic button… Well, never have I been this wrong in my life.
I spent last year mastering two new massive apps and remembering a couple of old ones, sifting through a crapton of free assets (and paid for some, god damn it), investigating painters of 18th and 19th centuries, playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and doing some other unspeakable things.

After all this I’m still not completely satisfied how it came out, but I have to stop somewhere. It’s only second floor of the suite for now, first one is coming… not very soon.

Huge pictures in the spoiler. I warned you.

PS. I honestly suggest checking out William Turner’s paintings (I can’t be the only one illiterate not aware of his works) and wallpapers - real wallpapers! - by William Morris. Morris was a designer of fabric and wallpaper in 19 century and his designs are at the same time very FL-style and awesome.
edited by Valiant on 1/24/2017

That’s amazingly done!

This is fantastic, and must have taken a lot of work! I’m in awe - you’ve got it all spot on, right down to the tiny details.
edited by Barselaar on 1/23/2017

Stunning! Exactly like what I’d expect, and beautiful. Well done!

Wow! That’s wonderfully done.

For some reason I can’t see the pictures in the spoiler tag! :( Is there some way you could post a direct link to them instead?

Odd. All the images appear to be broken links for me.

It doesn’t appear to be working for me in mobile either unfortunately.

Something definitely happened to the pictures! It’s not just you! I was able to see them earlier today, but now they’re gone! 'tis a great shame, for they are quite impressive!

Damn it, I have to find a more reliable image hosting. Fixed links (I hope).

Terrific! Absolutely redolent of the Garden. I look forward to the first floor.

Excellent work! Nice touch on the towers outside, especially.

Simply incredible! If you had told me those were photographs, I would believe you!

I thought these were so nice I am slightly regretting moving into a spire rather than a suite now. Excellent excellent job.

Thanks guys! Now I feel much more motivated to continue this endeavour.

Absolutely stunning. And so many impractical mirrors… each with hidden esoteric practical purposes I’m sure. Love those gleaming spires, and look - the House of Chimes groaning in the distance.

Wow, these are amazing. I love the spires of the bazaar and the House of Chimes in the windows.

I found a way to speed up a process, so here are the rest of the pictures - parlour, balcony and two cabinets on the 1st floor. No bathroom and library 'cause I can’t think of an interesting angle to show them. Now I’m finally free to do something more useful with my life, yay.

Seven 1920*1080 pictures inside!

These are incredible. Congratulations.

Wow. Just… these are amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and that it was all dreamed up by you? Just, incredible. Do you do graphic design?