Suicide in the Neath

Basically I’m wondering if it is as hard to commit suicide in the Neath as it is to commit murder.

This is a pretty morbid topic of discussion, so I should probably say why I’m asking. Right now I’m working on writing what’s basically an epilogue for my Sunless Seas game. For part of that, my character turns Aestival and other island that join them into a pirate republic. Not a republic made up of pirates, but a republic that governs itself like Gold Age of Piracy pirates. As part of the epilogue, I’m going to include a section on how the Free Islands govern themselves. The common punishment for a lot of crimes in pirate codes was that you’d get marooned on a deserted island. The Free Islands are keeping that if a crime is determined that exile to London or another Neath civilization isn’t an option, or the criminal chooses to be marooned.

But here’s the thing. Standard practice for marooning someone is that along with some meager provisions, the person also gets a pistol with which to kill themselves if they want to go out quick on their own terms, rather than taking their chances on being rescued. I feel like this would also be important in the Neath because Drownies would be drawn to a marooned person’s terror, and they might not want such an undead existence.

I basically have two trains of thoughts for this. On one hand, people don’t always die when they’re killed in the Neath. On the other hand, from the way the Boatman works, it seems like coming back to life is a matter of will-power, so if someone wants to die, they’d stay dead. Also since they’d be on a tiny zee-island, the whole &quotit’s easier to die in the Unterzee&quot rule might come into play.

So what are your thoughts? Are there any stories that give more evidence on this topic, or even a concrete explanation?

As you mentioned, death in zee-travel usually works much more permanently. It must be from Sunless Sea, cos I can’t find related snippet. Rules not just different Underneath - they are very different in different parts of Neath.
Turning into Drownie isn’t about drowning, as far as I remember. It is more about diet. Beware some very popular snack and you should be good.
There are some expensive options. Vial with a Cantigaster venom, long-box of sunshine. Definitely isn’t a way for average maroony, but worth mentioning.
As far as I can see, best way should be “hacked into pieces” option. So, may be “hand grenade of misery” could be an option? Something crude and slow to fuse - so no way it can be used in real fight - but still fast and, while messy, quite effective? As long as you don’t try to kill you self near the Stone or in Polythreme you should be golden.
Also - one bullet could be enough too. Not sure I saw any proof, but surely severe brain damage should be a great way across.

A grenade is a great idea! The Irrepressible Cannoneer is around and he’d probably be able to create something that would work. And yeah, &quotdeath on the zee is easier&quot is from Sunless Sea. It’s the in-universe justification for the rogue-like mechanics in the game.

I do keep forgetting about the Rubbery Lumps part of becoming a Drownie, but it seems like that’s a fact the Revolutionary Zailor wouldn’t know.

However, severe brain damage doesn’t seem like it would be enough. [link=] The Persona Engine story features a character who died after hitting his head, and came back with a collection of neurological conditions [/link]. Actually exploding someone’s head might work, but I feel like the Revolutionary Zailor wouldn’t want to risk it. Zher entire punishment philosophy is &quotremove them from the Free Islands and let them choose their fate from there&quot.

There is one ES where you can fake someone’s death, and it describes the decoy as having their head crushed in completely and not coming back, which stands up to the scrutiny of someone who is, shall we say, very experienced in causing death. Similarly, in Port Carnelian the Khanganians execute a supposed spy by crushing them with a massive rock, called the Stone.

Also, Parabola may not have the same rules on death, so a poisoned jar of Prisoner’s Honey might do as well. Second, in For All the Saints, the devils hung several young soldiers but had an infernal furnace preserve them, which also means that they don’t reanimate.

(Ambition spoilers)

Also, the Mother Superior is found permanently dead with her body grievously wounded in your lab, which Jenny confirms as being a suicide attempt. While it’s possible she somehow attracted the Vake to kill her, you are working on an infernal law bomb, which the MS confirms she had prior experience with.

(About those Ambition spoilers)[spoiler]Not permanently dead, not suicide, and not the Vake.

The truth is hinted at by Wines when he asks for your promise, and it’s made clear if you run away from the Vake in Parabola.
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Although the full details are not made clear until the conclusion.

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Please also note that if the Boatman takes you to the end, what you see there is unlikely to persuade you to stay dead.