Also, some way to categorize Status Qualities the way we can use equippable slots to organize Item Qualities! :)

Yes alright one more:

We could use a Down For Maintenance button – something that prevents login and displays a maintenance message on the world’s front page.

(We’ve had to do structural maintenance a couple of times, and this would have been really helpful. We worry about people getting caught in the cracks whenever we change something big.)

[color=#009900]A workaround for this: Create a world called ZeroSummerMaintenance at . Put suitable content in it (a Must slet that says ‘we’re offline!’ When you want to take the world offline, change ZS prime to a n obscured URL, and temporarily move the maintenance world to . The player experience for people online when you swap might be a little odd, but it’ll work.[/color]
edited by Alexis on 1/3/2013

Would it be possible to use a simple system akin to to allow world developers to share roadmaps, storylet diagrams and the like?

This is a map I made in Inkscape; I find stuff like this immensely helpful since it allows me to see what remains to be done to complete a story chain and get stuff done; I’d like to see it done in a more user-accessible setting, though, since Inkscape is absolutely horrible for this sort of thing.

Edit: Another thing to note is that this is meant to be used with a pretty complex legend; this is a really simple version, a complex one would follow storylet chains as they unlocked (i.e. for a main storyline you’d get a clue and unlock a storylet and all the maps would link together), and allow you to mark what you thought was necessary (if the card should have Must urgency, randomness, et cetera).
edited by Kyle Willey on 11/20/2012

I think this should happen, but also include a note from the author and be done manually; for instance, I updated Orchestra to support certifications last night, but without gear to use them with they’re useless, so even though I added a storylet and heavily revised it, it’s nothing to go on the StoryNexus list yet. The same goes for the healing item I added: worthless to players right now but it includes a usage storylet, which would probably trip the update checker.

This might fall too much into the complex arcane requirement thing, but having equipment restricted by character attributes could open up some opportunities.

You could make equipment unpurchasable or unavailable to someone who didn’t have the right stats. They can’t equip it because they don’t have it, but the end result us the same.

The problem is, say, not wanting someone to be able to use martial arts and a certain weapon; we’re talking slot incompatibility, and I don’t feel right asking players to choose one or the other forever/have to switch back and forth over and over.

[color=#009900]Something we implemented last week but forgot to announce: Persistent qualities. They sit somewhere between standard qualities and metaqualities.[/color]
[color=#009900]Ordinary qualities last until a GAME_END_EFFECT.[/color]
[color=#009900]Persistent qualities (just tick the Persistent box when editing the quality) will survive a GAME_END_EFFECT and be applied to the user’s next character in that world (and only in that world).[/color]

Sweet! So we could set skills, equipment, and cash to survive to a replay (which is important for Orchestra so that people don’t have to re-grab all their gear and such and can just enjoy the storylines)?

One of those curbside appeal-type tweaks: could we be able to set a separate banner image for the login page? Right now it defaults to the starting area’s banner image. And name. Which can be misleading!

Here’s a little bug: persistent qualities with pyramid values should retain their values, rather than being calculated as if they were a modification to the base value of 0 (persistent qualities do, however, work like a charm).

Also, could we have multiple characters attached to creator accounts?

Persistent qualities are good. You could issue a ‘ticket’ quality after a player purchases nex locked content so they don’t have to repay on a new play through.

Would it be possible to have a view where we can filter storylets by deck, area, and setting?

I see this has been mentioned a long time ago, but to add my support to it: I’d really, really like to be able to export the content of my world in XML, or whatever other format is easy to implement. Import would be lovely, but export is obviously a lot easier… and would be enough, for me.

Two reasons:

  1. Because then I could spell-check the whole thing in one go.

  2. Because it’s the Right Thing To Do. My content is mine, and it’s just not nice to lock it up in a way which makes it hard to get back (and impossible to get back if, Heaven forbid, you go out of business).

Sorry if #2 sounds preachy. But I know you’ll care about that kind of thing, which is why I put it that way.

And yes, I did originally try to write everything offline and paste it in, so I’d always have my own copy. But the ability to click and tweak text while you’re actually playing the game is just too powerful, and too tempting. (Seriously: that’s a brilliant feature.)

[color=#009900]I would like to do it, and it would be a civilised thing to do. But it would be a substantial amount of work; it’s something that only a very small number of users care passionately about; it would make it much harder for us to change SN functionality, because there’d be pressure to stay backwards-compatible with exported content; and we have a very long list of much more urgent functionality. So maybe someday, but emphatically not any time soon, I’m afraid.[/color]

I think enhanced analytics could greatly enhance the StoryNexus platform; as is I don’t have a way to see what things are common, how many of them people have, how they got them, which storylets are popular, etc. other than by individual reports.

Just chirruping up here: we’d love to have borders on cards sooner rather than later. It seems like a significant quality-of-life and clarity-of-information upgrade for players of larger games. Thanks!

Could you please make the “Ordering” of the qualities work in the Sidebar above the fold? Currently above the fold they show in the order they were created.

Note that below the fold they work correctly (from the highest to the lowest).

Thank you!

[color=#009900]This is now on the list for the medium term.[/color]
edited by Alexis on 1/3/2013

I’d like some qualitie sto be hidden from the player. It’s no real problem, it would just be more elegant.

So for my intro quest, there’s ‘First Mission’ quality I use to make sure things occur in the right order. But this number is meaningless to the player. It’s not a problem that the player can see it, but it would just be neater if that kind of purely mechanical value were hidden away behind a curtain.

[color=#009900]And it can be. :-) Set the quality as a Circumstance with Level Descriptions, and/or use Change Descriptions to override the quality change messages.[/color]