I’d like to be able to change the percent chance of a rare default (or rare success). Currently I have to re-create the branch to make the change, which is annoying.

Micah Linscott
edited by Micah Linscott on 10/17/2012

In the StoryNexus editor, you should be able to reorder the Branches of a Storylet. Something dynamic like drag-and-drop to move the branch and it’s results, to make it easier to edit and follow.

If this could be done in the Live Editing though , even better ;o)

[color=#009900]EDIT: You can reorder them now, though it’s a clunky process (change the Ordering value in the dropdown under advanced options, save and refresh)[/color]
edited by Alexis on 11/25/2012

It strikes me more as the equivalent of a word processor which allows you to create files, and edit files, and rename files, but not delete files. I’d like to see the branches being deletable, instead of producing the General Error fault (although even that annoys me so relatively little I haven’t checked to see if it’s a NoScript/browser thing), but that’s a personal preference; when you can edit a Storylet so completely that it’s basically the same thing as creating an entirely new card with a preset number of branches, and can tag them all as something to be recycled in the meantime so they don’t clutter up your story screen, I’d hesitate to call it critical. Which isn’t to say I object to the functionality! :)

Tangent: I would love the ability to be able to put more than one tag on a storylet.


Would it be possible to include a link allowing people to buy Nex when the tip screen pops up? Or include a link to buy Nex at the bottom of the page? It just occurred to me that while I can like storylets in many worlds, I don’t actually know where to buy Nex except in Fallen London, and that’s due to personal experience rather than documentation.

[color=#009900]There’s now a Nex link from the account, and we’ll be adding a Nex tab soon.[/color]
edited by Alexis on 1/3/2013

I adore the Analytics pages that are up now, but had one addition I would love to see. It would be very helpful to be able to “sort” the likes page, so I can quickly analyze what storylets have gotten the most likes, what hasn’t, things like that. Would that be possible?


Is there anywhere to report bugs? The FAQ link in the orange bar doesn’t actually go anywhere…

[color=#009900]FAQ now works, and the HELP link should provide the support email address.[/color]

As an actual suggestion, can we have keyboard controls for playing the game? It would be fairly easy to map keys to cards or storylet actions, and would make it easier to play, especially with storylets with lots of options or that are grindy.
edited by Alexis Kennedy on 11/8/2012

@spiralx: you can send bug reports to :)

Just a little thing: I keep expecting the Storynexus logo in the navbar to take me to the SN front page. I suggest that be made to happen.

We’d really like a way to name Quality categories and organize them by category for our players.

Example: we’ve got Ally and Connection and Style Qualities. I’d like to be able to designate categories for each (which would only be cosmetic) and organize them by category below the fold on the player’s sidebar.

[color=#009900]This is semi-implemented. As with my reply to Lily, only semi, cos Slots double as organisational tools and equippables.[/color]

We’d also like it if qualities above the fold didn’t appear below the fold as well. Space is a premium!
edited by Alexis Kennedy on 11/8/2012

I would certainly appreciate a “Save All” button on the storylet editing page. If I’m about to navigate away from a storylet with a bunch of branches, I get paranoid and start clicking the “Save” button on every branch and result, just to be safe. >.>

Currently, the Dropdown for worlds only shows Failbetter worlds and World of the Season winners. However, I wonder if it would be possible to also have worlds on either a “Favorites list” or worlds you have top level access (I can never remember what that one’s called) to added to the list?

[color=#009900]Several of these suggestions have been implemented now, folks, especially in the last release - which we’ll be announcing soon when we’ve finished final testing.[/color]
[color=#009900]Scroll up and take a look at my edits for more.[/color]

I would suggest unifying the location and look of the save button. Right now sometimes it’s a button on every branch of a card, and sometimes it’s on a hyperlink in the middle of the page, sometimes it says ‘update’, sometimes it says ‘save’

Could you make a nice big clear standout button in a contrasting color for ‘save’ and put it at the top and bottom of editor pages? Could this button also save every branch in a storylet?

The idea to shade updated sections that are not saved is good, but a clear ‘save all and go back’ we can hit religiously to exit a card would obviate the need for seeing which parts are updated.

Thanks, I’m new and just learning so thanks for all the work already done on SN. :-)

I would like to suggest that qualities don’t print a message when they don’t change, or to have a tick box that controls this behavior.

For example, in a Mystery I can draw a card that represents “Alexis walks into the room” and sets a quality “Alexis is here” to 1, which prevents me from hiding evidence. Since this is a somewhat random occurrence and may or may not happen, when I leave the area, I don’t know whether Alexis is in the room, so I need to set “Alexis is here” to 0 if it’s greater than 0.

However, StoryNexus prints a message “Alexis is here didn’t change because it’s less than one” which is a little messy if I have several characters, or several qualities that I need to make sure get unset.

If we could tick a box to suppress notification messages on quality changes that would be helpful, or it seems as though it would make sense if a quality is at zero already and doesn’t change in any manner that by default it should not print a useless message.

Could we have branch requirements for items being equipped?

(So: I could only play Ask Jeanette Out if I have Goofy Poem equipped.)

Hi Gordon,

You can do this by having an item enhance a unique quality when equipped. So the Goofy Poem enhances your Endearing by +1 or Ready to Talk to Jeanette by +1. These qualities are only granted by the equippable items you want people to use.

Branches can then by unlocked or locked based on those qualities.

This also let’s you give the player some choice, if you can get Ready to Talk to Jeanette +1 from equipping a Goofy Poem or a Winning Smle or the Ear of her Scummy Ex.

Not that we condone ear-removal.

(This is how we handle Commitment and Constant Companions in FL)

Good hack and a really good suggestion about item multiplicity. Thanks!

Minor interfacular suggestion! If you try to make a new world with an illegal character in its name (e.g., “Matt’s Sandbox”) and hit the “Create” button, a message about how world names need to consist of letters and spaces appears briefly at the top of the page (which is not concurrently visible with the “Create” button at my screen’s resolution). It took me a while to figure out what was going wrong!

Anyway, maybe the warning could either appear at the bottom of the page, or persist until you’ve fixed the appropriate input field?

[color=#009900]Matt - this is very much a bug, not a feature. We’ll fix it next time out.[/color]
edited by Alexis on 11/17/2012

Any way you can highlight the “Starting Area” area to make it clear which one it is if renamed? It’s not a problem if you understand how it works, but confounded me for about a day when I did not.

Maybe make it a special color in the list, or a tag “This is the permanent starting area. It may be renamed.”

Still waiting on being able to include Quality levels in change descriptions. :)

Also, if we could include how many change points that pyramid-numbered Qualities changed by, that would be FANTASTIC.