Suggestions for a Grindless Guy.

So in about two or three weeks, I ought to have my persuasive up to the 200 mark and enough Proscribed Materiel to start grinding towards the last necessary Searing Enigmas. (Thanks Foreign Office.) (Only 15 more for the impossible theorem, woo.)

But as for everything else, I am stonewalled. The only stories I’ve yet to complete to content walls are the ones that cost money And I lack the time to do truly dedicated grinding to gain the Tier 8 items via scraps or any of the massive echo expenditures such as goats and cider. Technically I could sell most of my earthly possessions for a Goat, but I frankly don’t see the point at this present moment in time.

The problem is, between school and work, I can’t do more than 60 or 80 actions in a given day (unless I’m off and I have nothing better to do.)

I have a Tier 3 profession, all of the 5 card places-to-live, A Fluke Core, M____'s B____D, A Consonant Violin, my Iron Republic Journal and a host of other oddball items. I am waiting on my boat from the Palace, the University has taken me back, I’ve reached max archaeologist, my Hearts Desire Card Game appears on permanent hold, I’ve completed The Affair of the Box, And the remaining long-term grinding qualities such as Master Thief and Seafarer of Note that I have yet to raise to maximum, I do not see the point or need to do either any further until they are proven to be required to reach the next / last stage of content, especially given the amount of time required to bring them up. Oh, and my notability is at zero again until I can build up the resources needed to re-raise it.

I sadly have no money to spend on fate (Tuition is extremely expensive these days, and so is housing and food.) so Flute Street, The Velocipede Squad, The Final Coil of Tigers, and the various other minor storylets are basically forbidden to me for some time to come, as are any of the fate-locked companions I could conceivably shoot for.

So I am at a loss for what else I can do beyond finish raising my stats and working out the last of the searing enigmas, beyond simply removing this game from my bookmarks for another year or two until the content wall expands as I did the last time I had this problem.


Click that Gang of Hoodlum 5-actions buttons 24/7 and cash in once a day


Click that 6-actions Veilgarden button 24/7 for money with minimal effort

Well, I’d suggest over/Ubergoat/Cider farming, but you are a guy who does not grind. I get that. I don’t do it myself often. But in that case, my advice would be to set yourself a goal noone else has done yet. I know one guy’s obsessed with rats, and Nitebrite’s going to try and find the Heptagoat…

[quote=Estelle Knoht]Click that Gang of Hoodlum 5-actions buttons 24/7 and cash in once a day


Click that 6-actions Veilgarden button 24/7 for money with minimal effort[/quote]

This is what I’ve been doing. (Interspersed with turning the tales of terror into coruscating souls, anyway)

Which 6-action Veilgarden button? I can think of a lot of 2- and 3-action ones in Veilgarden, but I don’t know a 6-action.

Shake Down Your Agent costs 6 actions and provides a range or Surface Currency.