Suggestion: Varied Supply/Fuel Cost

I’ve been playing most the day now for the first time, and I’ve noted that funds are rather minimal at the start, and that no matter where you go, the buy/sell cost for Fuel and Supplies are a constant. It seems like it would be a relatively simple addition to vary this depending on locale. Supplies selling for more the farther away from London perhaps, while fuel costs a little less, while vice versa the closer you get to civilization you get. A certain degree of randomness could even be added, varying the prices within a range either when you dock, or at the start of each new Captain. shrugs I just remember something similar back in Sid Meier’s Pirates, and it seemed like it would add something to the game without being difficult to add in.

odd, because there ABSOLUTELY is a difference in buy/sell prices in different locations. It doesn’t operate on this logic, but there is a difference. For example, fuel is cheaper from Palmerston which is run by devils.
edited by MidnightVoyager on 10/17/2014

There are actually a lot of variations between Supply and Fuel costs. Places run by devils (Mt. Palmerston and the Iron Republic) have the cheapest Fuel, most likely due to their fire and brimstone affiliations. For my game in particular, this is awfully handy, as Palmerston is on my northern route and the Republic on my southerly, so I only have to purchase enough Fuel in London to reach those ports (after which I buy obscene amounts of cheaper fuel). If you’re particularly lucky, the Iron Republic’s House of Harvests will be open, and you can snag a ton of Supplies relatively cheaply as well.

Anywhere there’s only a Harbour Provisioner, prices for the basics double at least, and in a few very unusual locations I’ve been able to access the whole of the London market as well, which is very strange (and most likely a mistake/bug) but VERY handy.

In any case, while I agree that some more market variation would be interesting (personally, I’d like to see more of the Iron Republic randomized market system, with only one or two items ALWAYS available), I’m content to work with what we’ve got if it gives Failbetter more time to improve other elements of the game, like the storylines associated with the various Officers and the launching of the Tree of Ages. I want to take down that octomaran!!