Suggestion to Display Newspaper Names

I’ve recently gotten my newspaper printing, and I realized after naming it that I never actually see the name of my newspaper during the primary newspaper activities.

Additionally, the name of your newspaper is somewhat squirreled away. Once you name it, you hardly ever get a chance to see your newspaper’s name in-game.

Would it be possible for Failbetter to inject the name of your newspaper into some part of the text that appears during the primary newspaper printing process? It would make the naming of the paper so much more satisfying, if to nobody else than to me alone. Like a small mark I’ve made on the fabric of London society!


I couldn’t agree more and think you should email your suggestion to FB directly! (It’s not certain they’ll see it here.)

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Does Failbetter have a more appropriate email address than their Support address? I feel somewhat presumptive emailing an address specifically for reporting bugs, and not reporting a bug.

feedback @ failbettergames . com

They won’t always respond, but someone’ll take a look at it!