Suggestion: The Iron Clad Will Should Be Permanent

Right now the will is not permanent, requiring you to buy it again with each captain or risk losing your lodging and heirlooms. Not buying a will would be a pretty careless mistake, but would be extremely frustrating for whoever ends up doing it. It wouldn’t be like other grave mistakes in game, where you overextend or take too many risks. It would just be a dumb mistake that punishes you very heavily without any emotional payoff.

Just want to say that I never forgot to make a will, and I doubt most people would… This isn’t a complaint about something that’s happened to me. It just seems like a mistake that shouldn’t be possible to make.

If you have a will, do your kids inherit the will to pass things on to their kids? No.

But if you die without a will, possessions are usually passed to next of kin.

Minus whatever taxes the local government decides to enforce, which in the case of the Bazaar can be quite a lot. Half or all of your cash can be preserved entirely so getting to keep everything else would be unlikely.

a will is a contract for what to do with the belongings of a person after death. It applies to a specific person and their belongings.

To apply it to a new person would require rewriting it from scratch, which is fundamentally the same as just writing a new one. I don’t see any logical reason that it should be passed down