Suggestion: player editable journal/notes

(Might as well make suggestions now, before any code is implemented which would make the suggestions harder to implement)

It’d be cool if there was an in-game journal that the player could edit, to remind yourself what you’re doing with the game without having to keep it as an external text file to be edited with Notepad. There could even be an option to automatically display the first paragraph of the journal when you first load a saved game.

In addition to a journal, it might be nice to be able to add short, one line notes to items in your inventory or warehouses. That way, instead of having to scroll through your journal to remember what you’d planned for that item, you could just hover your mouse over it to get it as a tooltip. Also, when you used up the item stack the note would automatically disappear, rather than you having to manually delete the note from your journal.

EDIT: Oh, and another idea: if a journal paragraph or item note contains the name of a port/location, when you arrive there the game will give the text to you as a message.
edited by Matthew Cline on 2/16/2017

This would be very nice. I can’t count how many times I’ve forgotten what exactly that thing in my hold is for. &quotWhy do I need a blemmigan, again? Best get rid of it, I need the hold space.&quot &quotOh no! The Campaigner needs a blemmigan! That’s what that was for.&quot[li]

Sunless Skies will have a better quest log, so you don’t have to write stuff down.

Question about quest log is answered at 17:40:

Indeed, having player edible journal and notes would be very appreciated, especially on a long journey.

…oh wait, editable. Nevermind then.

What I do wish if there would be an option to make the journal full screen and the text to scroll one sentence or paragraph at a time instead of a full block or page. Bonus points for sound effects.

[quote=Dowly]Sunless Skies will have a better quest log, so you don’t have to write stuff down.

Question about quest log is answered at 17:40:

That’s good to know that qualities and suchlike will be tracked much more effectively, but here’s the thing: what about a player-editable text log for those of us who want to expand on the writing and content presented? A lot of people, myself included, like to increase their immersion in Sea by keeping a separate &quotcaptain’s log&quot/in-character diary. Would that be difficult to implement?

I don’t know, maybe it’s a niche market. But I would love, love, LOVE to be able to do that kind of thing without switching out of the game entirely.