Suggestion: pin the new tasks that can be done each new week

Whenever Time the Healer comes: pin to the top of the page the options/shortcuts to do the new things that are now available. The ‘weekly one-time new stuff that you can do’.

Examples: Professional reward, Cave of the Nadir, Starved Embassy visit, Balmoral Castellan’s reward, Mrs Chapman’s house meeting etc.

I realized that the game has expanded much since the time I started playing it: some are content that I’ve unlocked, some are new content that was added to the game.

We need help to track them.


We already have the Fifth-City stories “pin” that the Professional Payment goes into. The Balmoral reward is not tied to Time, the Healer, but rather when you last did it. There’s no reason to go back to Mrs. Chapman’s after those first few visits. Remembering the Cave of the Nadir and the Starved Embassy isn’t too difficult, it’s two items right after TtH.

It’s going to get excessive if they start pinning everything.

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I would not mind shortcut to Bone Market (which will be active with Exhaustion <4), but only if it’s 1 click move.


There are already so many pinned things that they just introduced a toggle to hide some of them. It turns out that if you pin everything, it gets harder and harder to find the important things that are pinned.