Suggestion: Notability/Making Waves on Side Bar

Basically, what I would like to see (if possible) is the addition to Notability and/or Making Waves to the side bar near where the Influence is right now. They can unlock only if you have more than a point in each (like the menace).[li]

The reason I’m requesting this is that it can be somewhat hard to find these two stats in the collapsible groups on the Myself page.

Now, the only problem I see with this is that the list is getting a bit long, but we could make some of the non-stat ones optional if the list is getting too long. I (for example) would like to be able to get the Turncoat stat off that list.

+1. And to the Turncoat thing too (I only have any because I clicked in haste).

I wouldn’t be surprised if a reorganisation of the sidebar isn’t somewhere on the devs’ to-do list. (I have no idea whether it is or not, but if I’ve thought about redesigning it, I’m sure they have too.)

Well, it looks like this is in the works.

It’s a thing now. Well, the Notability is, not the Making Waves. Plus it and the Influence have the same color scheme as everything else now.

[color=#009900]There’s some issues with ordering sidebar stats - Making Waves will go in when we’ve sorted that.[/color][li]
[color=#009900]Thanks for whoever (I forget - it might have been the OP) sent this via the email address! I noticed this thread on a drive-by just now, but routing stuff via feedback@ makes it much easier for us to assess and compare suggestions.[/color]

  1. Awesome; 2. maybe, I would suggest, do both feedback@ and post here - the latter for purposes of potential improvement which can then iterate to feedback@ ?