Suggestion: No UI Mode

I love the art in Sunless Sea. It is AMAZING. The UI, brilliant. But sometimes it feels obtrusive. I would love some kind of button which removes all the UI from the screen, to bask in the game’s glory. Anyone else ever feel like this?

I feel this way too. Sometimes the UI gets in the way of combat.

Agree. I have no problem with the UI at all, but it’d be nice to be able to toggle it on or off.

Agreed. I always zail with my officers minimised because they take up so much real estate. I’d love to be able to toggle the rest on/off at times too - I’m sure I’d mostly keep them on, but navigating the Corsair’s Forest or the Principles I’d love the option (especially in the early game when you really do want to sneak away from enemies rather than get sunk - and especially as sneaking is harder than it used to be).

…plus it’s a beautiful game and worth admiring :)