Suggestion: Journal!

Maybe ability to record stuffs into journal, even add picture from characters or places photo, and write your own stuffs… cause uhh…

  1. I have hard time remembering who need what and alt tab destroy the immersion
  2. More immersion! How fun to have the grandson of the captain to read it!

Theoretically, I think that’s the idea of the text in the lower left hand side of the screen is supposed to be: a Captain’s Log.

There’s also already a Journal section of the Gazette that’s there to help you remember what it was you were doing if you get sidetracked.

But, I guess, it’s like Empire of hands. Ok. I know I need to raise Wildweald Status. The journal tells me that. But, I can’t remember what I need for that. So if I sink a ship and get these trinkets, are they useful? I’d love to be able to just drop icons onto the map showing what I need to ship where. And possibly add notes.

I get that. I actually took real notes for a while in a little reporter-style flip notepad I have. It’s mostly filled with prices at all of the ports so I could figure out what I should be trading.

So if I had to ACTUALLY do that for the game, I can see that there may be something of a need for a manual notes section. But, I dunno. These days such mechanics seem like they fit more in the purview of iPad or DS games as a way to take advantage of touch screens rather than something for a mouse & keyboard driven PC game.

Haha, I had post-its stuck all over the monitor.

Agree with sporks. The current journal is not complete… a few things require you to memorize or write… and with sunless sea… there are many distractions… mainly because if you spend time to finish a single quest first, you most likely will lost money :S …

It’s something I’d like to see as well. I’ve taken to using a notepad to write down some basic information but it would be nice if this could somehow be incorporated in the game as a &quotfree form&quot journal.
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