Suggestion: Fallen London gift card?

I know there are ways to send gifts of Fate in the game, but it would be really nice if I could add &quotFallen London gift card&quot or &quotExceptional Friendship subscription&quot to my Christmas wish list. Is this something FBG has considered implementing?

while that would be a lovely idea, I think they would not do it. It seems to me it would be a lot of work for something a very limited amount of people would buy.

although I have no idea how much a system to recognize codes as fate/EF would actually cost. I have no idea how programming works.

Iirc you can purchase Fate or Exceptional Friendship via prepaid credit cards, so you could ask for those. I’m not sure exactly what works though, so you’d have to do a little research.

That’s true! It’d be a nice feature, but a prepaid card would work too. Plus, I’d rather FBG spend their time writing more lore for us to consume hah

If it is a matter of lacking credit cards, Google Play / Apple both have prepaid cards so you can buy your subscription though the mobile version now that Android / iOS are both out. Or spend it on other stuff.

Hard to build suspense for boxing day or something, though.