[Suggestion] Drawing on your Chart

While playing the game for the past few days a few hours at a time I often found myself thinking it would be so much better if I were able to actively draw onto my own chart.
Mark a place where a Zeebat found something but I didnt want to go north just yet,
marker in a frequent route I use that keeps me sane (coasts/lights)
or marker down destinations I need to go for some quest so I wouldnt have to hover over the item in my hold later. :)

I would even purchase something in-game that would enable me to draw onto there (even if it were permanent etched into the chart. Would make inheriting it feel a little more personal)

So much this. This is all I want to help me with navigating. At the very least some red pins to mark a route. At the most, the ability to even add some textual notes to said pins

and perhaps the ability (with a navigator onboard) to have a small arrow at the edge of the screen pointing in the direction of your target. That is, after all, the navigator’s purpose, is it not?

I also read in the Steam Community the need for an advanced Logbook where you can write down the Trade Prices for Items of each port…

This would be FANTASTIC. I’d use it to note down what goods I need to open up storylines. “Five wine here” or whatever. (I recently stopped by Godfall with two wines, having remembered I needed some but got the number wrong.)

The writable logbook is an excellent idea.

Yes, just a greater ability to record information would be appreciated. The journal is, eh, not as reliable as one would like a journal to be.

I’ve always wanted some kind of log book to keep past of past generations, say, to remind me that my current captain is the rival of my last captain who was a correspondent of the previous captain, etc.

And you could keep notes about them: i. e. “This guy managed to build the Serpentine but then went NORTH and died via Lifeberg near Wither.”

Perhaps an option to write the obituary of captains as they die, in the manner of a news clipping? Should be easy to add.

I would love to be able to write a short something about each port I visit. I would use it for sell prices and things i need for quests there.