Suggestion: Dangerous event cards in open seas

Why are the damn zailors so terrified of the open sea? Sod all happens out there.

Let’s give them reason to fear the deep! Voices in the distance! Coral infestations in the larder! Drownies scaling the lines! Zee ztorms!

This way – when terror’s spiking between Presbyterate and the Archipeligo – it won’t be because your crew are ninnies. It’ll be because on the last passage a singing buoy ate the bo’sun.
edited by MEngland on 7/26/2014

Well you do get the mysterious tentacles, but yeah there’s certainly a lack of hostility to the zee right now.

(they do mention wandering phenomena and currents on the progress page as future features though, so I suspect more of this is coming)

There actually is a Drownie event, but I think it needs pretty high terror.

You are correct cheshster, the event you talk about is for when terror get to 100, and you are all alone on your ship.
If you have crew you get a nice mutiny!

And there are other events for high terror: you officers can jump overboard, you can recruit an hallucination as officer (what larks) and that’s really it.
If you don’t get terror over 75/80 there really isn’t anything to fear.
There is an event that pops up when the supplies end, but the Zee could really use some more stuff happening in it to justify the terror it inspires.
So our crews won’t look like a bunch of landlubbers just because of some darkness. We eat lifebergs at lunchtime, we have nothing to fear, as it is now, from the dark!

But I believe they are working on it, they will add more stuff as it progress.

I think a lot of that stuff will be the phenomena which hasn’t really implemented yet. Besides the Zee is scary enough, ne? After all it isn’t the things in the dark you need to fear but the darkness itself.

I like the idea in general. However, it could really spoil the terror balance if these events happened too often or incurred too heavy a penalty for failure (or success). And I agree with Zee-bat that the wandering phenomena could fill this part neatly.

We should see Wandering Phenomena in the Aquamarine update slated for early august.
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[quote=tyrrelduckard]You are correct cheshster, the event you talk about is for when terror get to 100, and you are all alone on your ship.
If you have crew you get a nice mutiny!

Unless there’s a different drownie event, the one I’ve seen can happen with full crew and high terror but somewhere below 90.

There are indeed two drownie events. In one situation, you can either use fuel to drown out their singing or just ignore it and (I believe) lose crew. The other is the one tyrrel mentioned, which kills you if you’ve got 100 terror and no crew left. My guess is that cheshster was referring to the one that doesn’t kill you.
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Correct. Thankfully, I’ve never gotten to 100 terror with no crew, though that does sound pretty cool.

It can kill you, even with crew still on hand, or at least could in prior builds. That’s how I lost my first captain, actually.

Well “no crew” here would mean one crew, since you count as part of the crew and if you hit actual no crew the game ends.

And I had three crew when it killed me. As I said, it may have been changed since then, since this was just after Gold was released.

I suppose I should really retire my current captain, since he’s been alive since before the Parabola Panther’s release, so I’ve not seen my kitten yet; it’s hard to walk away from a Dreadnaught and Mansion, though…